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The Red Star

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  • The Red Star
    Platform: PlayStation 2 - PlayStation Portable - iOS
    Release Date: 2007 - 2010 - 2011
    Developer: Acclaim - XS Games
    Unreleased Ports
    Platform: XBOX

    In 2003, Acclaim Entertainment signed an exclusive agreement with Archangel Studios to develop a video game based on The Red Star. At the time, it was in development at Acclaim Studios Austin with a scheduled release date in 2004. Ray Peña and Stephen Dupree were given the roles of art and design team leads respectively. Acclaim used an in-house level editor, which allowed them to create a Smash TV-like prototype by using the existing assets from Vexx and Turok Evolution.

    The Red Star was originally scheduled for release for the PlayStation 2 and XBOX on September 4, 2004. The first time that gamers could get their hands on The Red Star was in August 2004 on the Official PlayStation Magazine Demo. Game Informer made an early review on both the PS2 and XBOX versions. The Xbox version was made in parallel with the PlayStation 2 version. It was completed with a press review copy circulating among gaming publications, including Game Informer, but it was never commercially released.

    After Acclaim went bankrupt in 2004, XS Games took the publishing rights to the game. The PSP port was released in March 2010, exclusively through PlayStation Network. An iOS version of The Red Star was released in June 2010.
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