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Dead North

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  • Dead North
    Unreleased Game
    Platform: XBOX 360
    Developer: Eurocom

    Dead North was Eurocom's final game in development, it started development around October 2012 weeks before the studio was to close. The developers wanted to try and convince Activision to keep the studio alive but this failed. The final build known to exist is November 23rd 2012 which was the day the studio appears to have closed.

    The game was to be a Zombie shooter based on the 007 engine, sounds, basic movement was programmed but the game never got much further along.

    Development appears to have been focused primarily on the XBOX 360.

    Dead North Footage​ (top)

    The only known footage online is from a developer portfolio belonging to Jim Croft who also worked on other Eurocom projects. You can see footage below on Vimeo. (Login required)

    Jim Croft gives the following description of the Dead North project,

    The Zombie 'live recording vegetable decimation' section was undertaken by all four of us sound designers at Eurocom ( myself, Guy Cockcroft, Duncan Bradshaw and Sarah Scott ), during our gathering and recording phase for what was going to be a zombie game with the working title "Dead North".
    Sadly, this never came to fruition, after Eurocom went into receivership. It would have been a lot of fun to work on. It was certainly a lot of fun recording all that source material ( if a bit messy!)

    Known Builds​ (top)

    Builds NameBuild Date
    Dead NorthOct 23, 2012
    Dead NorthOct 29, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 12, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 15, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 20, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 22, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 23, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 23, 2012
    Dead NorthNov 23, 2012
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