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Spider-Man 4

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  • Spider-Man 4
    Unreleased Game
    Platform: PlayStation 3 - XBOX 360 - PC - Nintendo Wii
    Developer: Eurocom - Radical Entertainment
    Spider-Man 4 was a cancelled tie-in game for the cancelled film of the same title, Spider-Man 4. The movie / game tie-in was set to release on May 6, 2011, however issues with Sony / Columbia caused the film to be cancelled and retooled as The Amazing Spiderman, which released on July 3, 2012. Some developers of the project have stated that the release date they were informed of was as early as April 2011 and as late as January 2012, so it's likely that it was largely undecided early on.

    Development of Spider-Man 4 began sometime in late 2008. Several development studios pitched for the title, however, it was ultimately given to Radical Entertainment, for development on XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 / PC. The development of the Wii version was given to Eurocom, and development of the Nintendo DS version was given to Vicarious Visions. The game was canned in January 2010, when Sony / Columbia announced that the film had been cancelled. Interestingly, the film was announced to be cancelled on January 11, 2010, while the Wii build of the game labeled "First Playable" is dated January 15, 2010.

    Radical Entertainment's version of the game was the farthest along in development, but even then it was not very far. Developers have estimated the game was about 10 - 15% complete, with one near-final quality sequence of missions and several other missions that were being worked on.

    The XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 / PC version of the game was based on the game [PROTOTYPE]. Activision chose Radical largely because of the detailed New York City model they had already created an environment for, within [PROTOTYPE]. When the game was cancelled in January 2010, several assets created would later be used in [PROTOTYPE 2].

    As of September 2021, only two XBOX 360 builds are known, both leaked were leaked to people in early 2021 and finally became public in September 2021.

    Several developers of the project have posted pictures and work created for the game over the years. Sometime in 2012 or 2013, Dion Linaker, a UI / UX designer on the project, shared some of the work he had done for the project. In November 2019, he updated the pictures on his website, which added alternate versions of the pictures he had shared previously, as well as a few new ones. That page as well as the version available in 2013 can be found here and here. In July 2012, an animator on the project, Lloyd Burr, shared a few videos of animation work he did on the project in his show reel. It can be found here. Once again, in July 2012, an artist on the project, Ivan Mickovic, had two pieces of concept art from the game on his portfolio, as well as a reel that showcases elements that greatly resemble what was in use in Spider-Man 4, however, they are not explicitly labeled as such. He has since taken down the concept art, but it can be found in the gallery section of this page. The reel can be found here. In June 2019, photos of the console version of the game being developed by Radical Entertainment were shared by developer Wayne Dalton on his ArtStation page.

    Eurocom's Wii version of the game is completely different to all other versions of the game. It uses their own engine, EngineX, and is much more linear than Radical Entertainment's version. Instead of being free roam, it is more linear story levels that follow a specific path.

    Known Nintendo Wii Builds​ (top)

    Spiderman 4 Wii Builds
    Spiderman 4January 15, 2010v21

    Known XBOX 360 Builds​ (top)

    Spiderman 4 XBOX 360 Builds
    Spider-Man 4Oct 16 01:55:07 2009CL 195666
    Spider-Man 4Nov 20 03:11:24 2009CL 204962 (broken/incomplete)

    Known PS3 Builds​ (top)

    Spiderman 4 PS3 Builds
    Spiderman 4January 2010CL 215132
    Spiderman 4January 2010CL 215804
    Spiderman 4January 2010CL 216495
    Spiderman 4January 2010CL 216810

    Missions / Game Information​ (top)

    The game had 4 main missions by the time it was cancelled - three vertical slice missions and a core mechanics demo mission. There was also several missions implemented for testing elements of the game, such as free roam, that would allow you to spot crimes across the city and stop them. Music tracks were finished for each of the four main missions, as well as for other areas in the game, but none of the missions were ever completely finished. The missions were described by developers of the game as follows. It should be noted that some of this is paraphrased and put together with information from multiple developers, so it may not be 100% accurate, and will be updated as any more information comes to light.

    Mission 1: Core Mechanics Demo​ (top)

    The core mechanics demo was created as a mission to outline several main elements of the game, while it was created to be playable, it was created to cover all of the main elements of the game. The mission would start with an in-game cutscene showcasing Spider-Man on a rooftop overhearing radio chatter. A line about a helicopter chase is played, and two helicopters would come from out of view. One would be a police helicopter, requesting help / backup, the other being the enemy. The enemy will lose focus of the police helicopter and instead focus on Spider-Man. This section serves as a tutorial for helicopter take-downs, and the game would instruct the player to attach the helicopter to nearby buildings with webs to take it out of the sky. The next section of the mission involves Spider-Man web swinging across the city to a construction / industrial area, near the docks. He would arrive to see a Brawler and several thugs loading up a truck. These thugs are a part of a gang named the "Red Devils". They attach their focus to you, and you have to defeat them, after which the next section of the mission will begin. You must webswing up to the police helicopter to save it from being destroyed by the Red Devils, after which it will fly away, and you must attach to and detach their cargo, dropping it into the ocean. They will drive off and away at this point, where you can collect a mask they left behind. During the whole fight you would have taken pictures, both of which you will take back to your boss at the Daily Bugle. He will inform you of it belonging to the Red Devils, and mention that they have an old warehouse near the Oscorp factory. You'd go there, and hear over the police chatter radio that a police call was made to that location for shots fired. This is where the core mechanics mission would end, however the story / actions do continue in subsequent missions.

    Mission 2: Vertical Slice Red Devils (called SM_VS_devils internally)​ (top)

    This mission would build off of the sequences in the Core Mechanics Demo. The mission starts off where the previous mission ended, and you would be going inside of the old warehouse. Inside the warehouse you'll find several Red Devils thugs, who you must defeat, and after the last enemy is defeated the thugs will order to run as it's a lost cause to fight Spider-Man, and get inside of the blimp inside the warehouse. The blimp will fly up through the roof and this mission ends.

    Mission 3: Vertical Slice Airship (called SM_VS_airship internally)​ (top)

    This mission would again build upon the events of the previous mission, you have to chase the blimp. There isn't much information on this mission, other than music was composed for it, and you had to stop some amount of cargo from being taken by the Blimp. This mission would have featured cinematics in-game as well as video cinematics, demonstrating the use of both. Not much else is known about this mission for now, but this section will be updated should there be anymore information about it.

    Mission 4: Vertical Slice Rescue (called SM_VS_rescue internally)​ (top)

    The final proper mission would likely build upon the previous mission. It involves Spider-Man getting a call or report over the police radio about a disturbance of sorts in a building, so he must go to the objective. A cutscene would play, again, in-game and video, to indicate what was happening. Again, not much is known about this mission other than some robots or otherwise enemies would be attacking the building, causing it to catch fire, and Spider-Man must destroy them and save the civilians in the building.

    XBOX 360 Pictures​ (top)


    PlayStation 3 Pictures from Wayne Dalton​ (top)


    Wii Build Footage​ (top)

    XBOX 360 Build Footage

    Wii Pictures​ (top)


    Photos shared on Dion Linaker's portfolio​ (top)


    Concept art shared on Ivan Mickovic's portfolio​ (top)

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