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Duke Nukem Critical Mass

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  • Duke Nukem: Critical Mass
    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Release Date: 2011
    Developer: Frontline Studios
    Unreleased Ports
    Platform: PSP

    Duke Nukem: Critical Mass was originally going to be released on the PSP as well, and be a part of a planned trilogy of games. Rumors of a Duke Nukem title on PlayStation Portable and DS began spreading in early 2008, and in July of that year, license holder Apogee Software, LLC released a teaser trailer for the then-planned Duke Nukem Trilogy, confirming the game's existence. In March 2009, Apogee attended the Game Developers Conference and showed the game off to GameSpot, which released a short video of some of the gameplay recorded on a handheld camera. Duke was seen running around a city landscape from a third-person perspective in the PSP version of the game, and platforming through an environment while confined to a side-scroller style path on the DS version. In the interview, the fall of 2009 was said to be the target release period for both versions of the game. This event was followed by several updates about the game's progress by Apogee on Twitter during the following months, including one in which the voice recording sessions for the game with Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John were confirmed to have gone successfully.

    The three games would have what Apogee calls "multi-mode", where players switch between third-person over the shoulder, first-person, isometric, and side-scrolling views. A four-minute trailer was shown at E3 2008, in which there is no gameplay footage, but rather a series of logos and game-related art. A video that contains screenshots from both the DS and PSP versions, as well as a video with gameplay from both versions, was released in March 2009. A PlayStation Portable version entitled Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass was developed but was cancelled. The DS and PSP versions were going to be unique games unified by the same basic story. The games announced to be included in the trilogy are Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction, and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds. The company announced that the first game in the trilogy Duke Nukem: Critical Mass was released for the DS in Europe on April 8, 2011.

    On October 29, 2010, developer Frontline Studios released news that Critical Mass for both platforms would no longer carry the Duke Nukem license and be renamed "Extraction Point: Alien Shootout". However, on March 23, 2011, Apogee Software announced that they never lost the license and would release Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for the Nintendo DS on April 8, 2011 in Europe,[2] June 6, 2011 in North America and July 7, 2011 in Australia.

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