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Konami Rally

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  • Konami Rally
    Unreleased Game
    Also Known As: Konami International Rally Racing
    Platform: PlayStation
    Developer: Konami
    Konami Rally is an unreleased racing game that was announced at E3 1999 by Konami as a PlayStation and Game Boy Color sequel to Hyper Rally. The PS version was subsequently cancelled before its planned winter release in 1999. The Game Boy Color version was released as International Rally in the US.

    Konami International Rally Racing Preview Build​ (top)

    A preview build dated 7th May 1999 was released as a part of Project Deluge on Hidden Palace.

    This build appears to be a time limited demo build featuring different in-game HUD compared to the build shown in the trailer. It features 3 cars and one playable track:

    Symbol Maps​ (top)

    Present in the DEBUG folder are CPE (Psy-Q generated executable), MAP and SYM of the main executable. Converting the CPE to EXE results in the exact executable used by the game.

    Unplayable Stages​ (top)

    By default, only the Finland stage is playable as the menu is locked to Finland Training only. The menu screens for the rest of the tracks are either broken or not present in the files and only Sanremo Championship can be displayed properly, but it is missing the map:

    Sanremo and Sweden are shown in the attract replays at the start of the game and there are two more tracks - Acropolis and New Zealand which are completely unused, but left fully functional in the game files:

    Two Player Split-Screen mode​ (top)

    This mode still remains in the code and can be toggled, but it doesn't work properly.
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