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  1. OG Bot

    Fixing a bricked Xbox360 XDK Sidecar. (FPGA Reflash)

    Follow these steps carefully to avoid issues. - IF a hard drive is causing the console to RROD, remove it from sidecar board and reboot. (XDK Must be on) Launch the Xbox360 Command Prompt SDK Tool. Set your Xbox360 as the default console in SDK. (Not necessary, but helps) Plug the DVDEMU port...
  2. S

    XBOX 360 G5 Alpha Xenon (Franken Xenon) Dev kit 1529 OG Emulator Compatibility

    Hello, I have been slowly testing the the compatibility of OG Xbox Games on the My Franken Xenon G5 Dev kit. There was previously another user who did this and made a good start but his thread has been inactive for years. Here is the link for his thread...
  3. burninrubber0

    X360 Xbox 360 Xenon/Zephyr kit repair help

    So I bought a couple kits from China a while back which turned out to be a Xenon and a Zephyr. Dumped the data first thing but only got around to testing the actual consoles now. Problem is, I don't know the first thing about Xbox 360 repair and Google results aren't always accurate to devkits...
  4. Damien

    Project Gotham Racing 4 (XBOX 360 Debug Build)

    Video premiers at 6PM GMT today đź‘€
  5. Damien

    Spider-Man 4 Unreleased Movie Tie-in Game (XBOX 360)

    The Official OG showcase of the unreleased Spider-Man 4 movie tie-in game for Xbox 360 More info: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/spider-man_4/
  6. S

    Price Check Xbox 360, PS3 review discs

    Hello there, how much are these discs worth ?
  7. Bazatree

    X360 Xbox 360 Xenon XDK installing 1838 recovery

    As you know it is possible to install 1838 recovery on any Xenon XDK and some Zephyr devkits with the right GPU by using DVD recovery. I've managed to get Xenon Devkit and I was able to install 1838 recovery on it. The problem is, as people told me, 1838 does something weird when it installs...
  8. P

    RGLoader 17559 Spoof

    Extract the contents of 'HDD ROOT' folder to the root of your hard drive. With out these files on your harddrive you will freeze at the 360 logo. Xell working on eject on all rgh2 consoles. 17559 Avatars working. Use updserv.xex to send avatar data via J-runner. Included 17559 $SystemUpdate in...
  9. la-li-lu-le-lo

    X360 Xbox 360 HDMI switch issue

    So, I have this Xbox 360. It's a Jasper Arcade system. It hasn't been modded, and it currently has an official 250GB HDD installed. The system is fully working as far as I can tell, except for one issue: I have this issue that I've been trying to figure out forever, and I still have no answer...
  10. A

    FATX-Tools v0.3.50

    FATXTools is a data recovery tool for FATX file systems. The goal of this project is to automate searching and recovering deleted files as well as provide tools for manual data recovery. This is a C# port of the Python version: fatx-tools Download: GitHub Contributors Tdijital - Thanks...
  11. Cashmint

    Fixing Halo Mega Bloks

    All Milestones Download Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vCAk0iLJ9D4EmIb5gFKk8TgbfNhsDarw/view?usp=drivesdk Zombie Haggar Download Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHbZblZJlXYGiquxmmW6vIwgeWJXsm12/view?usp=drivesdk The Problem - With many hours spent looking into UE3-STL2, I have...
  12. V

    Request Crimson Dragon Xbox 360 demo?

    Hello many years ago, the Xbox360 demo of Crimson Dragon appeared on japanese X360 marketplace, but was removed. Luckly some people were fast enough to download and store it on their hard disks, unfortunaly no one shared this demo. Is there a chance that it will be shared in future? Or someone...
  13. burninrubber0

    [Tutorial] Manually recovering files from a FATX file system

    This tutorial primarily focuses on recovering fragmented files or other files that FATX-Tools can't properly handle. It is not good for beginners. We'll need: A hex editor, such as HxD 010 Editor or anything else that can search hex in multiple files An image of a FATX-formatted hard drive...
  14. A


    I'd like to introduce FATX-Tools, which are some tools I wrote that may help some of you find some extra goodies in your XBOX and X360 hard drives. These are data recovery tools that can help some of you find and recover deleted content. They handle both dev and retail drives. I also need to...
  15. D

    Xbox 360 Kiosk Control Pack | Medusa | In-depth

    Bare Minimum to use Medusa: Special Medusa AV Loopback Cable (3ft Cable, no logos, 30 pins all connected) USB-A to USB-B Cable (3ft cable, Microsoft logo on each end, plugged into back USB port of Xbox 360) Power Cable Ports: 2x USB wired Controller ports 2x mini-DIN connectors for...