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X360 Xbox 360 HDMI switch issue


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Jun 13, 2019
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So, I have this Xbox 360. It's a Jasper Arcade system. It hasn't been modded, and it currently has an official 250GB HDD installed. The system is fully working as far as I can tell, except for one issue: I have this issue that I've been trying to figure out forever, and I still have no answer. The problem is that the system doesn't work when connected to an HDMI switch. The TV gives the "no signal" message. It does work when plugged directly to the TV, though. I've seen the issue happen with multiple cables, multiple switches, multiple TVs - it's exactly the same no matter what I do. I've never had this issue with any other HDMI device besides the 360. I found this thread: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us...o-signal/1b23f8fd-a53f-4168-bace-c385840ad8b0

Apparently other people have had this issue. I tried pretty much all of the things suggested there, and none of it works. I know this is an old system at this point, but I'd still like to be able to use it, and it would make things way easier if I could connect it to a switch. I'd even be willing to connect it through some other device if that'll fix whatever the issue is and allow me to send the signal to a switch. Anyone have any suggestions?

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