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  1. andDevW

    PS2 PS2 Console Matching by Numbers?

    Among PS2 consoles with the same model number there are countless variations that make finding matching donor units extremely difficult without first disassembling both units. Does anyone know of a method for matching similar PS2s without opening them up? In particular I've got apparently...
  2. OG Bot

    Fixing a bricked Xbox360 XDK Sidecar. (FPGA Reflash)

    Follow these steps carefully to avoid issues. - IF a hard drive is causing the console to RROD, remove it from sidecar board and reboot. (XDK Must be on) Launch the Xbox360 Command Prompt SDK Tool. Set your Xbox360 as the default console in SDK. (Not necessary, but helps) Plug the DVDEMU port...
  3. Xrider

    MD Repair Everdrive MD V3

    This tutorial is for the Everdrive V3 Krikzz or Chinese clone BE CAREFUL, krikzz's OS V2 Firmware will brick ALL Chinese clones, even some Everdrive made in Krikzz 1 - Everdrive MD V3 bricked! You tried to update your Everdrive MD V3 with OS V2 from krikzz and you had this red screen: Here...
  4. Xrider

    Other How to repair GamePark 32

    Hello I have repair lot of GP32 BLU and FLU, i have make a tutorial for fix it. It's availvable here : https://delta-island.com/index.php/en/tutorials/repair-gamepark32-gp32-blu-flu I hope this tutoriel will save your GP32 ;) Regards, Xrider
  5. burninrubber0

    X360 Xbox 360 Xenon/Zephyr kit repair help

    So I bought a couple kits from China a while back which turned out to be a Xenon and a Zephyr. Dumped the data first thing but only got around to testing the actual consoles now. Problem is, I don't know the first thing about Xbox 360 repair and Google results aren't always accurate to devkits...
  6. border collie21

    PS2 Sony PSX DESR-5100 not powering on after installing a different HDD

    Around June, I tried to replace the HDD in my PSX (the actual PSX, not the PS1) and after connecting a larger IDE HDD it would no longer power on. I checked everything that looked like a fuse and nothing seemed to be visibly wrong. I just dug it out again and started messing with it, and it's...
  7. B

    PS1 laser issues

    Hi, I have a few PS1 consoles (2x SCPH-9002 and 2x SCPH-5502). One of the SCPH-9002 is modchiped but it's laser is in a bad shape (it reads some games and plays them mostly fine with some sound issues and some games don't load at all). Laser from the other 9002 is dead, does not load games at...
  8. Cashmint

    Fixing Halo Mega Bloks

    All Milestones Download Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vCAk0iLJ9D4EmIb5gFKk8TgbfNhsDarw/view?usp=drivesdk Zombie Haggar Download Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHbZblZJlXYGiquxmmW6vIwgeWJXsm12/view?usp=drivesdk The Problem - With many hours spent looking into UE3-STL2, I have...
  9. hermesconrad

    A slightly bigger puzzle than usual... Sony DTL-T10000 repair (hopefully)

    Hey Guys, So i have this sad looking ps2 dev kit, unfortunately despite the $200 i paid on shipping to get it to Melbourne Australia, it didnt survive the trip (dont use fedex, fragile means nothing to them). Amazingly it still boots up just fine, while im in there i plan to image the drives...