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playstation 3

  1. Bazatree

    PS3 Two broken PS3 kits [Need a repair] UPDATED

    I have two broken PS3 kits (DECR1400 and DECHJ) from a closed studio and they might have builds. Since I can't see their EID key, I can't dump their HDDs. Gave them to a repairman in my area, but no luck. DECR1400 It was damaged during the shipping. The seller just threw the console into a wide...
  2. Frosty

    Request Looking for information regarding NBA Jam & Sheryl Nome ~Sagittarius 9 PM (Don't Be Late)~ for PlayStation 3

    Well, starting off, I've never used this forum or the prior forum before, but after 7 years of researching, I am hope that some user(s) on here may be able to help me complete my journey in attaining any of these four cancelled games (though each has a different significance), so that they can...
  3. D

    Playstation 3 Prototype Controller Thread

    Thread for documenting all known prototype & engineering sample Playstation 3 Controllers in circulation. High Quality Images of controller in my collection will be included below description of each device. Thread is a work in progress, identified controller skus are known examples and have...