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  1. T

    Request Searching For: Old Builds of Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom (Gamecube/XBox/PS2)

    Hello there everyone! I was in search of any old Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom (Gamecube/Xbox/PS2) Builds. Specifically, anything before or close to final release. I only know of about three old builds specifically. Two different builds from two old trailer videos, and a...
  2. B

    GC Calling on all Panasonic Q owners

    Hello everyone, For some time now I’ve been researching the Panasonic Q DVD/Game player. It is what I would call one of the most beautiful consoles ever produced. But like most obscure and niche products it was only ever released in Japan. This brought with it that the DVD region was locked to...
  3. InfiniteC0re

    GC THQ - Barnyard Beta (2005-2006)

    Hi there. Does anyone know anything about the beta version of the Barnyard game (2006)? There's a lot of trailers with a tons of removed content, such as advanced characters's AI, who could freely walk, talk (the game is builded on some canceled game, so in beta the content from that game was...
  4. kennypecheur

    Strange Gamecube disc (Probably Test-Pressing disc)

    Hi all, Recently, I got a bunch of Gamecube NR Discs from a former Video Game Magazine employee, and it the lot, there was a kind of disc I haven't already seen. As pictured below, it is a gamecube disc that looks double sided. At the moment, I was only able to check the content on one side of...
  5. S

    GC Anyone here good at looking for video game protos? Looking for pikmin 2

    If you know anyone lInk them this post because I am looking for pikmin 2 proto/prereleases and would appreciate help
  6. T

    Need help valuing my Complete Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit

    I need help figuring out what you guys think the resale value of this Gamecube Dolphin Dev Kit may be nowadays. I got it years ago and it still is in the original box as you can see with the model number on it: GCT-0100 NPDP-GDEV It has the original accessories and most of the original...
  7. L

    Actel ProASIC 3 a3p250

    Hello, I’m looking for any info on how to extract code from the mentioned FPGA in the title. I’m asking in regards to the Wiikey/Wasp fusion modchip. The chip, IMHO, is the best modchip for the Gamecube available but sadly is no longer in production. As my own stock is running dry and...
  8. G


  9. ShadowLuigi37YT

    Crash Tag Team Racing Potential Non-E3 Builds of Any Kind (PS2, XBOX, and GC)

    Would anybody happen to know if there is possibly a non-E3 demo build of Crash Tag Team Racing out there that is from at least around the same time as the E3 demo itself or before by that of a month? It doesn't really matter what version of the game the build is for weather that would be PS2...