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I may be alive, I may be dead.


I may be alive, I may be dead.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Review

Review Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Review

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The Sega Neptune. A prototype Mega Drive/32x combo. A way for Sega to sell 32xes to people that wouldn't be able to buy a Saturn. Pretty brilliant, honestly. Never came to fruition for many reasons, one of them being tons upon tons of miscommunication. It was promising, as that kind of upgrade to the Genesis could do it some good. Unfortunately, the 32x had a bunch of mediocre ports, a few good games for one reason or another but usually not both, and a game library that is small enough...
Quake Review

Review Quake Review

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"I ain't afraid of no Quake." -Duke Nukem Quake is something I managed to get attached to. The sort of game where once you start playing, by the time you stop, you look at the clock and each time it is many, many hours later. For some people though, that is Doom. I've played my fair share of Doom, granted. But there was something that got me interested in Quake instead. Whatever reason it was, once I got the CD, I tried it out on DOSBox. There was only one problem with that, and that...
Pokemon Special Chapter 4 Review

Review Pokemon Special Chapter 4 Review

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I realize that manga is a change of pace. This is a game preservation site. A review of a chapter of graphic novels seems weird. In all honesty, I wanted to do this because the story in these was such a vast departure from the games, and if you try to ask if it's the same as the anime, no. The anime was meant for more general TV audiences and the manga was geared towards older, more "hardcore" Pokémon fans. I say that because...
Pokemon Emerald Review

Review Pokemon Emerald Review

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"Why the radio silence?" You might ask. "Where've you been and why haven't you posted a review in the last month?" You might also ask. The short of it is I didn't know what I felt like reviewing. I haven't been on the big reviewing kick like I had earlier in the year. I had actually thought about another Evangelion game, but there wasn't a good enough translation. Neither online line-by-line text document, no patch, no nothing. Not saying which, as I may get to it at another time. I'll keep...

Review Wolfchild

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Anyone reading this remember Core Design? You do, huh? Do you remember them for anything other than Tomb Raider? Yes? Well it's good to know I'm in good company then. Core Design made some pretty decent platformers back in their time for sure, and as a personal upside, they were huge supporters of the Mega CD. That console needed more games that weren't as i mentioned in my previous review, just fodder for mocking the add-on. That and lazy Mega Drive ports that were honestly just useful...
Sonic the Hedgehog CD - An Addendum

Review Sonic the Hedgehog CD - An Addendum

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Since I did my Sonic CD review at least two years ago, I've had some things come up since I've done that one. One complaint I've been getting is a real pain in the ass because it's not really a legitimate complaint and moreso just "you're wrong", but I'll get to that when I get to it. However, while my other reviews have been more objective, this one will be more subjective and abrasive because I keep hearing about how "bad" this game is. Yeah. This game is "bad" with all of it's ways of...

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