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I may be alive, I may be dead.


I may be alive, I may be dead.
Darius II Review

Review Darius II Review

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In my previous review, I mentioned a few things. One that Edie had only one waiting animation (during loading screens as well), which is incorrect as she does do a few things, at least more than (probably) take her hair out of her tank top. Something I didn’t mention is that the voice clips you hear in the game, two of them being when you input the Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, C, B, which allows you to change your lives count and bombs count, as well as the same code, but replacing the...
Elevator Action Returns Review

Review Elevator Action Returns Review

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Elevator Action Returns is arguably one of the best 2D arcade games made period. A sequel to the ever popular Tortured Artist Effect game Elevator Action from 11 years earlier, Elevator Action Returns was released to arcades in 1994. It stands as one of Taito's best, and definitely outshines the original in every way, as a sequel should. Does that mean the original is bad? Not really. The original is just hard due to your slow movements and how the game, at times, does feel a little...
I.Q Remix+ Intelligent Qube Review

Review I.Q Remix+ Intelligent Qube Review

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So, I'm guessing what you were wondering I was hinting at with my review on Ridge Racer V, talking about Sugar & Rockets. If you're not wondering, well, I'll still tell you. I.Q.: Intelligent Qube, on the PS1, was a fun game. You went back and forth on the stage to "capture" cubes that were either gray or white. You avoided the black cubes while also trying to capture the cubes that you could get to keep them from falling off the stage. The only ones that are supposed to fall off are the...
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Review

Review Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Review

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The next morning, Asuka shows Shinji and Rei to a robotic footprint in the ground, and then challenges Shinji to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors which he loses. That day at school, They are introduced the new girl of the game, that being Mana Kirishima. The teacher sits her down in the only empty seat in-class. That seat being next to Shinji. Asuka then is having none of that...
Burnout Revenge Review

Review Burnout Revenge Review

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Burnout Revenge is the peak of Burnout. Undoubtedly. Burnout Revenge, a 2005 game for Burnout, and technically being Burnout 4, is a definite improvement over Burnout 3 in most aspects. It's enjoyable, with many hours I've clocked into the game, it sounds great and it looks good, though there is a problem I have with the visuals in this game. It was released on the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, with the 360 version being the "definitive" version. I've never bothered to touch it, though I have...
Metal Slug 3

Review Metal Slug 3

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Metal Slug 3 is an incredibly enjoyable run'n gun game. Run to the right, blow shit up. Simple as that. Not much more to explain than that. The series just kinda didn't get better than this one. Gameplay wise, it's a lot of fun. You run around, free and save hostages, and shoot everything that isn't a background object or is being used by yourself. Throw hand grenades, shoot with the "ROCKET LAUNCHER" and pick up the many, many powerups that will shout at you, "HEAVY MACHINE GUN". Granted...

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