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Saturn So I have been playing A LOT of Saturn the last few days


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Jul 9, 2019
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Mar 31, 2007
So like basically everybody else on the planet right now I've had a lot of down time. So I've been going between my Switch and my Saturn using the same controller too, my Retrobit wireless Saturn pad.

It's been nice to sit down and play a lot of the games I bought last year to prepare for a YouTube channel I haven't even launched yet.

here are my take aways:

Cyberbots is amazing, the AI is beating my ass and I have no idea how to play it. But the sprite work is amazing, the music has to be the same composer as the early mahvel games and maybe early Mega man X?

Pocket Fighter is a much deeper game than I realized and Chun Li and Morrigan's AI is over agressive, I also had no idea it used the 4mb cart.

Shumps have a hard time keeping my attention lately, but Raizing and Cave always do. I barely played Soukyogaruntai when I got it maybe about 10 years ago so I dug in a bit a few days ago and with my new Framemiester settings I was blown away by how it looks even more how it plays like a lost Ray game. Same for Kingdom Grand Prix a game I only played a few times since I got it a decade ago. I don't like it as much as Dimahoo but it's enjoyable.

I also noticed 2d fighters of the era had much more aggressive AI, the Above mentioned Capcom fighters are kicking my ass even at low settings, SNK ports make me sweat a bit. Advanced VG is a work out, Groove On Fight's final boss is a bastard, Asuka 120% is no walk in the park. It just shows how much single player in fighting games is an after thought now. Under Night for example doesn't even put a fight on the highest difficulty level.

I'm thinking about what to get next because buying Saturn games is my new drug. I still don't have Astal, Sonic R, either version of Daytona, VF 1, Remix and 2, Decathlete, and Winter heat somebody told me I really need to get Assault Suit Leynos 2.

Here's the collection as it stands now

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