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Shadowboot 17150 release



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Happy New Year!

So I am totally against Shadowboot, as it's normally used by clueless kids who are destroying history contained on HDD's but this one I'll allow as it can help us preserve retail discs if you don't have a DVD drive. This was passed on to be shared as people don't understand the do not share requests.

This will not enable you to play online, we don't allow rubbish like that here.

  1. 17150 Shadowboot
  2. Retail DVD Key
  3. Place HDD Partition Root
  4. Do Not Update with it on HDD
  5. This is for XDK recovery 21256.12

Download: https://mega.nz/#!gNdXQaiT!yZMDdN4jF3yKKT5sbwKAQbxBDW3q-AXqxDQlyKkvf-g

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