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Request [PS2] Dark Cloud pre-release material


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Original poster
Feb 8, 2020
Hi all,

I'm looking for anything pre-release about the PS2 game Dark Cloud.
Back in the days I was able to get a copy of the JP demo and the Sample Movie Disc which at the moment are the only available pre-release discs out there.
I shared them on the old AG forum; on the same forum someone posted some info about an orange disc with the label "Sample" but no further info were provided.
At least three different builds were publicly shown:
  • Dark Cloud 1999 Tech Demo
  • Dark Cloud Sony PlayStation Festival (Feb 2000)
  • Dark Cloud European Computer Trade Show (Sept 2000)
While the chance to get anything earlier are very low, I will be more than happy if someone can provide additional informations about these builds.


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