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This is a thread dedicated to the canceled 2011 portable console the Panasonic Jungle.

Included in this thread will be information and materials relating to/ regarding this obscure console.

Any further information you might have to contribute please message me on Twitter @OfficialIntrenz
This document contains information still in the process of active preservation and may be added and/or subject to change.
Panasonic Jungle Preservation Project

Device Name : Jungle
Manufacturer : Panasonic
Subsidiary : Panasonic Cloud Entertainment
Years Active : 2010/2011
Status : Canceled
Year Announced : October/5/2010
Year Canceled : March/1/2011

Hardware Specs:

-720p 1280x720 HD LCD Display Panel. IPS*
-Small OLED Display Panel on lower half of device which displayed basic animation/ information on boot/when powered "This isnt a touchpad".
-ARMv7 Processor "rev 0 (v71)" dual core @1.0ghz single threaded.
-Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC
-LPDDR2 300mhz Single Channel Memory
-2.4Gbs Bandwith
-3G "Optional"
Battery Capacity:
-5v 3A Powered
-2800Mah Lithium Ion Battery
Memory Capacity:
-448452Kb DDR2 Memory
Storage Capacity:
-3927Mb Emmc Storage "4GB"
-Up to 64gb Micro SD Officially*
Input/ports "I/O':
-3.5mm Headphone jack
-AC Power Input 5v 3A
-Micro HDMI Output
-Micro SD card slot
Speaker Output:
-Supports 16Bit Audio
-Mono Channel

*As observed on device tested, support for higher capacity micro sd cards may be possible.
Hardware Features:
-Full QWERTY back-lit Keyboard "Red Led with touch sense"
-L1/L2 Buttons,R1/R2 Buttons,L/R Scroll Wheel "Can be pressed in which would represent to L3/R3"
-Multidirectional D-Pad "On Left"
-Circle Touchpad "On right"
-Messages / Options buttons
-Rear Camera
-Volume +/- buttons on bottom of device

Software Features:
-Play MMO/MMORPGS On the go via Wifi/3G service
-Audio Player
-Video Player
-Photo Viewer
-Document Viewer
-Application Store *
-Linux arm based applications *

Build Quality/Materials:
-Single hing clamshell design, however solid construction
-Plastic/ Rubberized construction

Pricing Information:
-Wi-Fi Model Priced At $249.99 USD*
-3G Model Priced At $349.99 USD
-Panasonic Jungle Micro HDMI Cable Priced At $64.99 USD**
-Panasonic Jungle In-Ear Headphones Priced At $19.99 USD**

*Early Jungle website price was $299.00 USD however was later reduced via an update prior to the project being canceled. "See included website images for reference"
**As observed on early storefront "See included website images for reference"
Titles Announced/ Supported "Officially":
-World Of Warcraft*
-Battlestar Galactica Online
-Stellar Dawn

*As mentioned by Mike Mika
-The Bounty Hunter
-The Power Monger
-The Noob
-The Templar Knight
-The Ninja
-The Do-Gooder
-The Attention Hog

Debugging Features:
*Features were documented from the Engineering Sample "Production Line Debuging" unit.
"MJ3 MTP Production Line Test Program Version : 2011.01.06.V339"

-1 HWConf
Displays Device Information
Test Program Version: Displays MTP Test Version Information
Device ID: Displays Device ID/Serial
Wifi MAC: Displays Wifi MAC Address
BT MAC: Displays BT MAC Address
Temperature: Displays System Operating Temperature
CPU Rev: Displays Cpu Revision
Memory Size: Displays System Memory Size
Emmc Size: Displays Emmc Storage size
3G: Displays 3G Status
-2 MicroSD
Tests Micro SD card/ slot,read write speeds
-3 USB
Tests Micro USB port
-4 KeyboardLED
Under KeyboardLED EMI Test Mode
Tests keyboard leds
Under KeyboardLED Capsense Test Mode
Tests keyboard capsense technology
-5 Memory
Memory Read/Write Test
-6 Battery
Displays Battery Information
ACPwr: On/Off
USBPwr: On/Off
Capacity: 0-100%
Voltage: Displays Device Voltage
Current: Displays Device Current
State: Charging/Discharging
Battery Temp: Displays Battery Temperature
-7 SPK
Speaker Testing Mode
Plays an audio file for testing sound output on device speakers
-8 Headset
Headset Audio Testing Mode
Plays an audio file for testing sound output L/R on connected headset via the 3.5mm headphone jack
-9 HeadsetMic
Headset Microphone Testing Mode
Records audio via a connected headset's microphone "3sec" and plays back audio for testing
-a Mic
Onboard Microphone Testing Mode
Records audio via the device integrated microphone "3sec" and plays back recorded audio for testing
-b GSensor

-c ECompass

-d LidSensor
Sleep Sensor Testing Mode
Tests the sleep sensor when the devices lid is opened/closed
-e NormalKey
Font Display Testing Mode
Displays characters on upper display
-f Wifi
Wifi Signal Testing Mode
Tests Wifi connectivity, latency, displays Wifi information
Allowed for testing via fixed IP 1-9
-g BluetoothMaster
Bluetooth Signal Testing Mode
Tests bluetooth connectivity, latency, information.
-h GPSOpenSky

-i GPSDump

-j Touchpad
Circle Touchpad Testing Mode
Tests circle touchpad calibration by dragging cursor over two boxes on screen.
-k Keyboard
Keyboard Button Press Testing Mode
Registers button presses to test keyboard calibration.
-l Display
Top Panel Display Testing Mode
-m OLEDDisplay
Mini OLED Testing Mode
Tests mini OLED panel, cycles color/patterns via L/R Scroll Wheel
-n PCENT_Update
Panasonic Cloud Entertainment division, system update.
-o Camera
Rear Camera Testing Mode
-p Video
Video Testing Mode
Tests video playback on the device/output
-q Runin
System Status Check
-r Quit
Exits MTP testing mode/powers off device

Other Information:
-2 Known Models to exist Retail Sample/Engineering Sample "Production Line Debugger"
-Linux distro was registration based and required sign up/in in order to function "servers now offline"
-MMORPG/MMO target audience
-Retail sample model had packaging, battery, packing slip, charger, micro sd card and was representative to what would have been marketed should the console have released.
-Engineering sample lacked battery, packing slip, and packaging. Is a hardware/software debugger with diagnostic tools allowing for development of the device.
-Both models share the same product code MJ3 however are different devices altogether.
-Known Prototypes were produced in 2011
-Stellar Dawn was a canceled Jagex game based on Runescape during 2009-2011
-Sticker on device is a type of asset tag which corresponded to device category "Green-Retail Sample, Red-Production Line Debugger"
-Adrian Crook & Associates had been contracted for the following product feasibility study, hardware feature set input, jungle os ux feedback, control scheme definition for
target game genres,introductions to several dozen potential game development partners, consistent liaison with several chosen partners on behalf of panasonic, on site
visits, with the jungle development team.
-Was an initiative of Panasonic’s Palo Alto research group.
-Jungle development spanned almost 2 years altogether. Though low hardware numbers were produced.

Audio Player Controls:
-To play a selected audio file single click L1
-To cancel an action or go back single click R1
-To pause audio playback press L1 on the now playing track "Current track playing"
-To exit audio playback press R1 on the now playing track
-To navigate rows press Up/Down on the dpad
-For quick steps use the circle touchpad clicking performs and action
-To view next audio track press Right on the dpad
-To view previous audio track press Left on the dpad

Audio Player Layout:

Top Panel:
Middle Panel:
-Album Contents/Song List/Playlist Contents/Artist List

Model Differences:
*Both models produced around the same time, and share model numbers. However some differences can be observed between the twon known models.

Retail Sample
-Has indented d-pad
-Runs on a retail version of the bootloader.
-Comes with JungleOS installed.
-Came with retail packaging, packing slip, graphics, ect...
-Boots into JungleOS by default.
-Came with removeable battery by default.

Engineering Sample
-Has flattened d-pad.
-Runs on an engineering version of the bootloader, for diagnostic testing, debugging ect...
-Lacked JungleOS on device itself.
-Did not come with retail packaging.
-Boots to an MTP testing program by default.
-Battery was supplied seperately for testing, did not come by default preinstalled "also would have been removeable".

Online Underground:
-7 Episodes created.
-Episodes viewable via official jungle website, machinima's website, and youtube for as long as the jungle site was active.
-Currently episodes 4,6,7 are missing from database.
-Episodes were animated shorts promoting the jungle console.
-Created by Machinima for Panasonic starring the jungle characters.

References & Articles:
-Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Workshop referenced here : https://www.engadget.com/2010-10-04...able-gaming-system-emerges-gets-shown-of.html
-Gamasutra referenced here : https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/30785/Panasonic_Reveals_Handheld_System_Jungle.php
-Reuters referenced here : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...ame-development-project-idUSTRE7201MD20110301
-Panasonic Jungle.org referenced here : https://web.archive.org/web/2011010...ungle.org/news/stellar-dawn-panasonic-jungle/
-Gizmodo referenced here : https://gizmodo.com/5655371/exclusive-first-photo-of-jungle-panasonics-portable-online-gaming-system
-Venture Beat referenced here : https://venturebeat.com/2010/10/04/panasonic-to-debut-mobile-game-handheld-called-the-jungle/
-Nintendo Life (2020 Article) referenced here : https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2...ant_panasonic_almost_took_on_the_nintendo_3ds
-Retrododo (2020) Article) referenced here : https://retrododo.com/panasonic-jun...8wpd_oZLp3b8bzald-ZucJ776CdsZo4h2sihT_MuEGaiE
-Austin Evans video here :
-Adrian Crook & Associates referenced here : https://adriancrook.com/our-work/panasonic-jungle/
-Obscure Handhelds (2020 Article) referenced here : https://obscurehandhelds.com/2020/03/who-remembers-the-panasonic-jungle/
-Kotaku referenced here : https://kotaku.com/the-jungle-official-info-on-panasonics-new-online-hand-5655580
-Pocket Lint referenced here : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/panasonic/106327-welcome-to-the-panasonic-jungle
-Hifi Digest referenced here : https://www.highdefdigest.com/blog/panasonic-jungle/

Official Links:
The Jungle.com : https://web.archive.org/web/20100824081115/http://thejungle.com/
Panasonic Jungle.org : https://web.archive.org/web/20101012134318/http://panasonicjungle.org/

Wikipedia Link:

Stellar Dawn preservation project to come at a later date*
Hard4Games Coverage

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Edit Log.

Photos added to list.


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Jun 2, 2019
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Feb 11, 2014
amagawd, thanks for sharing !

-Handheld for MMOs (Runescape & Stellar Dawn by JageX)
+ Battlestar Galactica Online (by BIGPOINT- game shutdown in 2019)

Stellar Dawn aka. Mechscape aka. Runescape in Space by JageX :


-ARM Based Linux OS
-Micro USB, Micro HDMI, SD-Card...
-ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v71)
-2 cpus
-Tegra 2 Development System

You need to register online...sadly the servers are offline, so you cant get past registration...lol :(

All taken from the following links :
(guy managed to run HWInfo by getting into some kind of diagnostic / firmware update menu)

So yours might even be very different. :O
(just seen you already posted on that site as well)

This guy even has the original box :

Official teaser video (2010):

Their old site can still be reached via the wayback machine :

panasonic jungle.jpg

panasonic jungle2.jpg

panasonic jungle3.jpg
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Jun 2, 2019
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Feb 11, 2014
Regarding Software :

In 2010 someone claimed there was a beta client, ready to download :

Considering JageX on reddit said the did use a playable version at some time...

There was another discussion about it and you could download...a mix of runescape.jar..and stuff...but it was missing the cache of the game.

The basic idea was to download the Runescape client, starting it with commands, making the server believe you actually wanted to log into "Stellar Dawn"...

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Jun 2, 2019
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Feb 11, 2014
There is a lot to be discoverd out there...Ill stop here :

steallar dawn 1.jpg
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May 30, 2019
I've never heard of Stellar Dawn before, but it looks extremely interesting.

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Jun 27, 2019
Really interesting , i have heard about Tegra Handheld-Consoles before - but never heard of the Panasonic Jungle... It probably ended up the same way the Nvidia Shield did back in the Day - i can remember how they have hyped it up at the Gamescom in Germany but in the end never heard of it again after that time, as the Sony PSVita came out which i bought back then :) But those things are actually really good Emulation Machines as far as the Technical Specs go :)

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Ahh yes @ItsMeMario iv gotten alot of that documented atm in my files however some of the information regarding the jagex client is new so I greatly appreciate that. Yes my unit is not the same as that individuals "Op no longer owns it btw but iv tracked it down" that unit was a retail prototype sample which is why you see the packaging slip ect... The client can be bypassed on his, iv been working on getting that console as well to dump the os which is custom linux distro, his device came with the 2800mah battery however mine never would have had it since mines an Production Line Engineering unit, whihc is used for debugging of the hardware itself, however youll notice the models skus are the same on ours. This doesnt reflect on much however. Iv been talking to a number of individuals as well as documenting my finding such as the engineering options present, Mike Mika has been working with me a bit in getting this thing going as well. So far iv quite a bit documented for the couple of days its been here, once I get enough documented itll be going out to my friends at Hard4Games to review and present the info along with links to the content, following this there will be further review and preservation efforts. There is little information on the console however im hoping that will change here very soon. :) If you would like please PM me on twitter @OfficialIntrenz if you have anything youd like to add that I might have missed. This has been an exciting time regarding all of this, and im taken back by the reception so far which has been nothing short of exceptional.
Id like to thank all of you for your interest, efforts and otherwise.
All the best.
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Any Software for it? Nice hardware!
Thank you and yes so far there is a host of diagnostic, debugging and engineering tools found on the hardware, this unit was intended for debugging and development of the hardware of the console.

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Edit Log.

Tons of information added to list.
Hard4Games video dropped.
Photos Added

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Edit Log.

Tons of information added to list.
Hard4Games video dropped.
Photos Added


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Feb 11, 2014
Thanks ! So in the end "Jungle" was able to log into web-site-client-based-games only...or at least download the client from WOW (?)...just to download needed stuff from the servers "to go", but never full games ?

Looks like there would have never been game boxed games for sale and...not many games to get introduced at a later date.

You typed Galatica up there instead of Galactica. ;)


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Jun 13, 2019
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Pretty interesting. Panasonic seem to have a knack for making game systems that either don't make much money, or are never released at all. It seems hard to understand why they'd try again years after their past failures. On the plus side, at least all of their failures are pretty cool.

On a side note, it's interesting and kind of sad to see how Panasonic's market strategy has shifted over the years. They used to be almost like a company like Sony in that they tried to make a little of everything on the consumer side of things. Now their range of consumer products is much more limited, though I think they still make a lot of professional and industrial stuff.
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