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Live devkit preservation exhibit at VCF East (Apr 23-24)


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Jan 22, 2020
I am pleased to announced I will be hosting a game development exhibit at VCF East April 23rd and 24th. If you're not familiar with VCF it is a computer festival to celebrate all things computers. This year my business Amiga of Rochester (https://amigaofrochester.com) is holding its own exhibit. We built up a collection of development gear back in the day and wanted to share the experience.

What we have on site:
  1. Demonstrations using various kits.
    1. Dreamcast
    2. Gamecube / Wii (NDEV)
    3. Xbox 360
    4. PSP Dev TOOL
    5. PC with DTL-2500A inside
  2. Tons of cool goodies to look at
    1. Prototype controllers from the X360 (3 different versions)
    2. Green and blue PSX test kits
    3. Books for the psx and dreamcast developer
    4. Wii dev kits (mario and luigi)
  3. Whatever else I can manage to bring
With all that said, we'd love for you to come and support us! The festival is an amazing event and will even feature live talks from the likes of Bil Herd and his Commdore family.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. If you want to bring something to show off, we can also arrange that.


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