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Devkit disc images for PlayStation 2 BIOS dumper

Cut Into Fourteen Pieces

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Jan 22, 2019
Tried to post this on archive.org with our latest release, but it was deleted.

This package contains 2 custom disc images of Florin's PlayStation 2 BIOS dumping tool. I made them to boot on unmodified devkits, and were used to dump the devkit BIOS versions released at the same time. Should work on retail kits with mod chips too, just like the original version.

Disc content is identical. DVD and CD versions are provided because older drives may only read one type of disc or the other.

Use of the dumper is identical to the normal version. Attach a USB drive formatted as FAT32 filesystem to the console. Boot using the dumping disc. Wait for the dumping to complete. Power off the console. The USB drive will contain the BIOS image files for use in an emulator.

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