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Contra fan here. I've been trying to get around to comment on this release. I find this one really fascinating, mainly for two reasons.

First, this kind of brings closure to one of the cancelled game entries I have on my Contra site. Great to see this surfaced and saved.

Second off, most interesting, is the title of this build. You would think the name was inspired by the Contra Evolution mobile game, but it doesn't seem so straightforward. This build is dated February 10, 2010. The earliest instance of Contra Evolution (original arcade version) was around mid-2010, where went under the more bloated title of Contra: Evolution Revolution (and in Chinese text; not directly in the English language). Adding to that, it was only showcased through location testing in a select few places in China; there were hardly any mentions of it on any English language video game sites. The Revolution bit in the original title wouldn't be dropped for another 2 years, at the end of 2012, which is when the game was announced for a worldwide release and gained more mainstream attention. Did Eurocom come up with this name independently?

EDIT: I can imagine they did, especially if they could have gotten inspiration from Contra ReBirth, which released the prior year; like the next step.
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