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  1. Xrider

    PS1 [DEV - DONE] : "Delta AIO" All in One Board for PS1

    Hello, Delta AIO : All In One modchip Features: PSIO Board IGR Mod Custom PSNee for drive bicolor LED You can show this here : All credit at the End ;) Xrider
  2. HaloSlayer255

    PS2 A few questions.

    Hello all, Does anyone know what connector can be used to replace the fan connector on a ps2 fat console fan? These are 5000x fans if it matters. I was able to clear out the fan socket on the mainboard very carefully with precision tweezers. I have a bunch of other fans from what appears to...
  3. Klonopin

    Price Check Family Connection: A Guide to Lightspan Demonstration Disc PS1

    I have a copy of Family Connection: A Guide to Lightspan Demonstration Disc for PlayStation 1. These are different from the set of educational games Lightspan sold. These were apparently demo discs used to market their educational games and are rare. They are common enough to have already been...
  4. mementomori

    The Spyro 2 Prototype Scarcity

    I've always noticed that out of the three games, Spyro 1 and 3 have had at least a couple of public sightings in terms of prototypes. Yet, Spyro 2 as far as I know has yet to have any discs show up. Why is this? Have any discs show up for this game in the past? Are there any pictures, archives...
  5. mementomori

    Agent 9's Lab - Discord Invite + Information Thread

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spyro Research section of ObscureGamers, brought to you by Agent 9's Lab. This is a community for a research project of the Spyro the Dragon trilogy on PS1. @RZXspyro is the owner, while I am the co-owner. We research the development of the games and how they...
  6. Xrider

    Suggestion PS1 to NEOGEO or Jamma Controller adapter Open Source

    PS1 to NEOGEO or Jamma Controller www.delta-island.com This projet allow you to use playstation 1 controller (gamepad or joystick) on Neogeo AES or MVS This projet is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE You can build it by yourself for less than 15$ for MVS consolized You can show the final...
  7. B

    PS1 laser issues

    Hi, I have a few PS1 consoles (2x SCPH-9002 and 2x SCPH-5502). One of the SCPH-9002 is modchiped but it's laser is in a bad shape (it reads some games and plays them mostly fine with some sound issues and some games don't load at all). Laser from the other 9002 is dead, does not load games at...
  8. B

    Help with PS1 modchip

    Hi, so today I dug out my old PS1 for some retro fun (quarantine got me). I opened it up in order to clean it a bit and I noticed that one of the modchip wires got loose and it's no longer soldered. I googled in order to find a soldering diagram for the chip and the board but I was not able to...
  9. EvanSki

    I need help dumping PS1 Demo disks

    So for a long time (ever since I was 5) I've had these PS1 demo disks. I know where I got the blue one (Obviously) but I dont remember where I got the grey one, I might have got it from pizza hut as well but im not sure. Any ways I want to dump the files off the disks because they are...
  10. Icaras

    I can remove red screen from Psygnosis prototype games :)

    IF Some one wants to play his prototype without red screen error code, i can remove it. Anybody can send me bin cue files on private message and i can send it private message with the unlocked game :) i like to help some friends if cannot play the game :) Kind Regards, Icaras.
  11. Icaras

    PS1 WipEout 3 (August 3, 1999 review prototype)

    My favorite review copy for playstation one that i bought for 220 euros :) ENJOY ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!