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  1. DBloke

    MD Mega Drive Arcade Power stick 2 (EU version) problem

    I have this joystick and it wont "Press" up or it will slightly work, Contacts look clean, only issue ive seen is this. Are loose bits meant to be connected to anything? Cant see owt, also the black wire seems to be a bit skinned Anyone else got one they dont mind opening up and snapping a...
  2. ToTo

    MD Megadrive 2 with integrated HDMI and Wi-Fi (GBS-C)

    Hello guys, I had this idea in my mind and finally did it. I hope you enjoy it. Tutorial: GENESIS 2 / MEGADRIVE 2 WITH INTEGRATED HDMI AND WIFI https://vmod.wordpress.com/genesis-2-megadrive-2-with-integrated-hdmi-and-wifi-gbs-c-esp8266-vga2hdmi/
  3. kitty666cats

    Screenshot from a previously unseen X-Men 2: Clone Wars prototype...? (bonus article on FX Fighter too)

    I found these curiousities in some random old issue of Disney Adventures (June 1995). The screenshot looks like the first Genesis X-Men game, but there's definitely no palm tree level in that one. It also looks more like a screenshot of a Game Gear game or something. Anyone know what the hell...
  4. R

    MD Sega Mega Drive VA4 severe issues (audio, freezing)

    Hello guys! Months ago I bought two MD1s sold as untested. Both of them are VA4 PAL boards, manufactured in 1991, and 1992. The '91 one had buzzy audio, I replaced the caps, easy win. However, the other one...it's behaving exactly like this guy's console: Tested with a bunch of games: -...
  5. Seroczynski

    Voultar RGB Bypass on SEGA Mega Drive PAL VA4 motherboard

    I've been trying to remove the extreme jailbar effect from my SEGA Mega Drive model 1 (PAL, region modded with a manual switch) by installing a RGB Bypass from Voultar, purchased from VGP. I've ran into a bit of trouble and asked the local forum for advise, but that only got me so far due to a...