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  1. derpyfreshs

    DDX to DDS

    Does anyone know how to convert a DDX file to a DDS file is there a converter like that out there or does anybody know how to convert them my friends found a bunch of shit from the Halo Wars Alpha sway build files like the Scarab from the E3 2007 demo so I'm trying to help my friend put that...
  2. Klonopin

    DECR-1000A Dead HDMI Port Fix?

    The main HDMI Port on my PS3 DECR-1000A is dead. It’s been dead for a year. It was shorted out by an HDMI Splitter. I realized recently that there is a second hidden HDMI port. It’s covered with tape. I removed the tape and tried using it but it doesn’t output any video. Any chance I can enable...
  3. S

    Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes

    I am Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes mainly the versions with yellow and blue bulborbs
  4. B

    Help with PS1 modchip

    Hi, so today I dug out my old PS1 for some retro fun (quarantine got me). I opened it up in order to clean it a bit and I noticed that one of the modchip wires got loose and it's no longer soldered. I googled in order to find a soldering diagram for the chip and the board but I was not able to...