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  1. ToTo

    MD Megadrive 2 with integrated HDMI and Wi-Fi (GBS-C)

    Hello guys, I had this idea in my mind and finally did it. I hope you enjoy it. Tutorial: GENESIS 2 / MEGADRIVE 2 WITH INTEGRATED HDMI AND WIFI https://vmod.wordpress.com/genesis-2-megadrive-2-with-integrated-hdmi-and-wifi-gbs-c-esp8266-vga2hdmi/
  2. P

    Comix Zone - SEGA Genesis

    Are these pictures known? I searched a bit in the usual sites but didn't find anything. They are from a Brazilian magazine.
  3. Seroczynski

    Voultar RGB Bypass on SEGA Mega Drive PAL VA4 motherboard

    I've been trying to remove the extreme jailbar effect from my SEGA Mega Drive model 1 (PAL, region modded with a manual switch) by installing a RGB Bypass from Voultar, purchased from VGP. I've ran into a bit of trouble and asked the local forum for advise, but that only got me so far due to a...