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  1. X

    XBOX XBlast Bios compile info

    Good morning, I write to ask for a hand to create my version of Xblast bios starting from the kindly shared source code. On the site I saw that the ready-made machine is no longer downloadable and for this reason I ask for some clarification to understand how to act. what version of linux...
  2. venom

    MCD Region free bios won't boot

    Hi everyone, I have repaired an early JAP sega mega-cd. It works just great now, but it still has the original bios (EPR-14563H) I have used my trusty old willem programmer to program a 27c1024 with a region free bios from l_oliveira but it doesn't boot. I have verified it multiple times...
  3. Empyreal96

    XBOX Research into BIOSes used by people

    I'm currently looking into what BIOS images people prefer to use and which ones are more 'universal' than others.. šŸ˜ Why? I want to make sure I hold the best compatibility for BIOSes built with Easy-Build.. Currently it uses the 2bl.img and remainder.img from iND BIOS 5001 (Which I use...
  4. T

    Saturn Sega Saturn Region Free Bios Woes

    Howdy, I have a problem with my Sega Saturn Pal Mk2 and a region free bios i got from BadAd. I'm sure the Bios firmware itself is fine maybe it's just the game. Worldwide Soccer works fine (PAL) then I load up Euro England 96 and that doesn't work and the colours of the language select almost...