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UGGM - A open source GUI tools to shrink and index DC games for GDEmu v0.6.2

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UGGM (Ugly DGEmu Games Manager) is a Windows open source GUI tool to sync games between you SD card and a folder on your PC. You can shrink the games when you copy, and you create an index for GDMenu to avoid the "loading..." at the start. It's an early version as we're only two people testing it for now, so I don't consider it stable for now. I recommend to avoid using with a SD card which contains for which you have no backups on your PC.

It looks like that:

Files are also renamed to be sure it's supported by GDEmu and SC Card Maker.

Some features are lacking compared to SD Card Maker from MadSheep:
  • Only GDI are supported.
  • You cannot set "Force VGA" (but you can still do it through GDEmu).
  • You cannot sort the games youself.
  • You cannot edit the menu index content.
But I plan to add those in the coming weeks.

On the technical side, it's written on C#, the interface is in .NET. I use gditools from FamilyGuy (who was quite helpful) to shrink the games. I use cdi4dc from Sizious and mkisofs.exe to rebuild the menu index (as SD Card Maker). It's not multiplaform for now but it's something I'm planning.

You can find the latest (early) releases here:
Code is here:

You're welcome to participate in the projet or to give feedback.
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