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PS3 HDD Decryption Tool (EXCLUSIVE TO OG!) v1.0

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A few years ago a former member here made a tool to decrypt PlayStation 3 hard drives, with them gone we feel it's best to release it so others can decrypt PS3 HDD images.

The old public tools take a very long time, but this one runs at the full hard drive speed. It took me about 5 hours to decrypt a 400GB 1000A image the other year and I'm sure it'll be faster on SSD's etc.

To decrypt an image the command is: hdd_decrypt image.img eid_root_key decrypted.img the direct hdd function has never been tested mind you so may not work.


File MD5 for security: EBD1CC490C3FDC08134BA2176F4CD225 If it doesn't match this it maybe tampered with and unsafe!
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