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PS2 Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (2003)

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Check out some never-before-seen footage of the cancelled Daredevil title, which was to be released on PC, Xbox, and PS2.

Designing the Duke

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Denise Chaudhari was the first woman hired for the then-secret Xbox project, where she designed more than just the original "Duke" controller that launched with the system in 2001. Original Post

Castlevania Next Generation

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Castlevania in Venice? It nearly happened. This is the story of Castlevania Next Generation.

'Wario' CGB Samples Found

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Would have been included with some Game Boy Color development kit to show off the different color capabilities of the GBC. I wish I could say there is more, but sadly this is the only piece of the GBC development kit I found in the files for Asteroids.

The Strong Museum Partners with Kongregate to Preserve History of Adobe Flash Player Video Games

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ROCHESTER, NY—The Strong museum, home to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games and World Video Game Hall of Fame, has partnered with Kongregate, one of the leading publishers and portals for Adobe Flash Player (a multimedia software platform) games, to preserve Flash gaming history. Support for the Flash plugin will end in 2020, meaning that many of these games risk... Click to expand...

PSP Sonic: The Shadow World : The 2005 PSP Pitch

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Sonic: The Shadow World would have seen Sonic traveling into Shadow's world, in a platformer that would have been much darker in tone than that of most Sonic games.

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