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Roller Deck (The Card Based Maths Game)


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Nov 4, 2019
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RollerDeck is my second public game development project after Ball20x2 (a quick little game for the GM20 game jam in 20 hours).

Roller Deck is a game involving matching cards together.
Match the cards - Reach the goal!
The rules to this puzzle game are simple:
Put your card over another to add, subtract, multiply or divide it with the underlying card!
Your goal is to unlock each locked card using a matching Key Card.

Each level is procedural generated (even in this early state each level is 100% possible).

in this early build quite a few things are disabled for example help, leader-boards,
options, even the level progression code had to be very much simplified due to time the
strict time constraints and it being a one girl team they wasn't finished to a usable state do they where disabled.
these features will be added and improved in future builds.

Made by me (just one persion) in just under 5-6 days for Game Off 2019.

A latter build will be published for JamCraft 4 (what it was originally designed for).

if you have any opinions, criticisms or ideas about/for this game good or bad ill love to hear them,
and thank you for playing :3

(in a publicly playable state at least).
Play RollerDeck Here On Itch.io

(Prototypes Archive):

Roller_Deck_jam_proto (day 5 13.52) (oldest build)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (day 5 18.46) (added pause screen and undo)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 5 21.45) (fixes a lot of bugs and mistakes)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 6 14.57 Build) (added more animations and fixed math based bugs)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 6 16.10 Build - vid) (bug fixes and adjustments used for the first official video of the game)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 6 16.19 Build - vid - no debug) (same as before but with debug removed)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 7 12.14 Build - Game Off 2019) (the first build getting ready for GameOff with a lot of bugs)
Roller_Deck_jam_proto (Day 7 17.18 Build - public proto 1 - Game Off 2019) (release) (with cursor, blinking card spawner and big fixes UI improvements and more)

--BUILD FOR Game Off 2019 Gets published--

you can see my other game Ball20x2 here <----
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Jan 19, 2019
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Jan 6, 2013
turns out my stupid ass is rubbish at maths

here's me playing the 18.46 build (wont post the video for the 21.45 build no so good at maths)



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Nov 4, 2019
here's me playing the 18.46 build (wont post the video for the 21.45 build no so good at maths)
there is something surreal about someone playing something you created, any ideas how to make it a bit easier for those not as good at math, oh and quite a lot of bugs you experienced are fixed in the 21.45 build. though the games still in development it still has quite a few problems when it comes to these kinda things but thats why I'm play-testing.
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