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XBOX Neep help finding obscure Halo CE commercial that may live on missing xbox kiosk disk


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May 23, 2021
Hello, OG.

I'm working on a project that aims to preserve any and all video marketing material for the Halo franchise from 2001 through today using the original source material (as in, no umpteenth-generation YT rips). Recently, I found this commercial talking about opening up a can of whoopass on some meanie aliens that I had never seen before. Turns out I'm not the only one with this experience, because every person I've asked whom I thought might have some more information on this commercial has pretty much said the same thing.

I have managed to glean a few details about this commercial, but I can't verify all the claims by myself:
  • According to halo.bungie.org, this ad aired in Canada, hence the Toronto Star review (source)
  • The description of the video itself mentions that it was "exclusive to a promo disk handed out to media outlets but was not used" which made me think it lived on an EPK for Halo CE
  • CIA391 of Halopedia tells me it was a "rando disk" that wasn't "Halo focused", which now leads me and r/lostmedia to believe that this may live on a Kiosk Demo Disk
I have checked all available Kiosk Disks on archive.org and even all OXM Demo Disks from before Halo 2's release and haven't found it yet. I haven't checked Kiosk Disk 1.2 and there is a chance it may live there but nobody has shared it yet.

If anybody knows anything at all about this funny commercial, please do not hesitate to reply or PM me. Thank you!

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