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BuildDB Basics


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Jan 2, 2021
Will try to keep this short, BuildDB isn't a normal wiki. It's part wiki/part forums and normal Wiki features don't work. Ours uses BBCODE or HTML (BBCODE is best)

Registered users that wish to edit will need to request access after 10 posts. Donators, Community contributors and staff can edit already without asking.

The wiki doesn't allow builds to be linked/posted to it. If another wiki has similar information please credit them at the bottom of each page.

A basic game pages sidebar template is as follows,

| name = Burnout Paradise
| image = [ATTACH=full]imagenumber/id[/ATTACH]
| platform= PlayStation 3 - XBOX 360 - PC - XBOX ONE - PlayStation 4 - Nintendo Switch
| release = 2008 (original) 2018/2020 (remaster)
| developer = Electronic Arts - Criterion

For consoles,
|name= PlayStation 3
| image =  [ATTACH=full]imagenumber/id[/ATTACH]
| release = 2006
| discontinued = 2017
| shutdown = Still Online.

How do I get the attachment ID?

Simply hover over the attachment in the page, the number will be at the start. I.e 11612_Burnout_Paradise_Boxart_2.jpg you will only need 11612 like this,

For headers/TOC you will need least two H2's to get it showing.

will show your first TOC/Header, after this simply put
[H2]information two.. and so on[/H2]
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