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Hi, OG members! In celebration of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy turning 20 years this December, I'm going to hold a very special Jak and Daxter stream! No spoilers, but there will be a surprise... So, this is not just your average playthrough! Oh, and my English sucks ass. Sorry in advance. We aim to go live on Saturday 11th at 8pm (GMT+1) or 11am (PST). Feel free to spread the word, set your alarms, and hit the Youtube reminder! SEE...
https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/01/18/welcoming-activision-blizzard-to-microsoft-gaming/ Discuss..
Below is a video of the unreleased PS1 game Manhattan Project dated 6.12.97. Special thank you to @Andrew for sharing footage.
Check out OG's latest video covering footage from a God of War: Ascension Trade Show Demo.
Edit: Nice write up from Verge. There’s a new Switch on the way, and it’s a whole lot smaller. Today Nintendo revealed the Switch Lite, designed as a less expensive alternative to the original tablet / console hybrid. It comes in at $199 — $100 less than the base unit — and for that price you get a streamlined version of the Switch, but also a few caveats. The Switch Lite is designed explicitly as a handheld: you can’t connect it to your TV...