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Splash Damage Lot

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  • In early 2020 a London based second hand shop landed a bunch of kits from Splash Damage. Many of the PS3's got lost/bought and their status is unknown. The data from saved units was released as of Christmas day 2020.

    A total of 16 XBOX 360 Slim XDK's were saved, plus 2 PlayStation 3 1400A TOOL's & finally 2 PlayStation 3 2500A TEST kits. All data was released in Tera Release 2020.

    A grand total of 167 builds were saved for the XBOX 360, and 3 for PlayStation 3 Oddly, some of the 360 builds contained PS3 & PC builds but
    they're not counted in this total.

    Console Pics​ (top)

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