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Silent Hill: Downpour

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  • Silent Hill: Downpour
    Platform: PlayStation 3 - XBOX 360
    Release Date: 8 November 2012
    Developer: Vatra Games - Konami Digital Entertainment

    Silent Hill: Downpour is a survival horror video game developed by Vatra Games and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. The eighth installment in the Silent Hill video game series, Downpour was released in March 2012. Set in the series' eponymous fictitious American town, Silent Hill: Downpour centers on Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who enters the town, periodically entering the otherworld, and unlocks personal repressed memories. The game uses a third-person view and can be played in 3D.

    Silent Hill: Downpour received mixed reviews from gaming critics, who praised its atmosphere, story and return to the series' survival horror and exploration roots after the action-heavy linearity of Silent Hill: Homecoming, but criticised its monster design, combat and technical performance. A patch since release has fixed many of the technical issues.

    Known Builds​ (top)

    Silent Hill: DownpourBuild DatePlatformNotes/Version Info
    Silent Hill: DownpourJun 03 2011 11.16.18XBOX 360X360
    Silent Hill: DownpourJun 03 2011 15.20.18XBOX 360AlphaBuild
    Silent Hill: DownpourJun 12 2011 16.03.57XBOX 36006.05.2011
    Silent Hill: DownpourJun 28 2011 21.16.27XBOX 360Martin H build
    Silent Hill: DownpourJul 08 2011 17.06.38XBOX 36029.06.2011Prison
    Silent Hill: DownpourJul 13 2011 09.11.33XBOX 360SilentHill_SourceCZH-WK-XP-1022
    Silent Hill: DownpourJul 25 2011 12.50.27XBOX 36029.07.2011 (on kit twice not checked files)
    Silent Hill: DownpourAug 02 2011 18.30.40XBOX 360GamesCon_GER_ver2_XBOX
    Silent Hill: DownpourAug 02 2011 18.30.40XBOX 360GamesCon_GER_ver3_XBOX
    Silent Hill: DownpourAug 02 2011 18.30.40XBOX 360GamesCon_GER_ver6_XBOX (INCOMPLETE)
    Silent Hill: DownpourAug 02 2011 18.30.40XBOX 360GamesCon_JPN_ver7_XBOX
    Silent Hill: DownpourAug 08 2011 13.53.35XBOX 360BlaBlaSObota

    XBOX 360 Build Footage​ (top)

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