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  • SEGA Pico
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    Release Date: 1998
    Production Discontinued: 2005
    Shutdown Date: N/A didn't have online.

    The SEGA Pico, also known as Kids Computer Pico, is an educational video game console by SEGA Toys. Marketed as "edutainment", the main focus of the Pico was educational video games for children between 3 and 7 years old. The Pico was released in June 1993 in Japan and November 1994 in North America and Europe, later reaching China. It was succeeded by the Advanced Pico Beena, which was released in Japan in 2005. Though the Pico was sold continuously in Japan through the release of the Beena, in North America and Europe the Pico was less successful and was discontinued in early 1998, later being re-released by Majesco Entertainment. Releases for the Pico were focused on education for children and included titles supported by licensed franchised animated characters, including SEGA's own Sonic the Hedgehog series. Overall, Sega claims sales of 3.4 million Pico consoles and 11.2 million game cartridges, and over 350,000 Beena consoles and 800,000 cartridges.

    B​ (top)

    Berenstain Bears' A School Day

    C​ (top)

    Crayola Crayons Create a World
    Crayon Shinchan Oekaki Note

    D​ (top)

    Dolucky no Oekaki House
    Donalds Gespensterjagd

    G​ (top)

    Gakken no Obenkyou Soft Tasizan Hikizan

    H​ (top)

    Heisei Kyouiku Iinkai Jr.
    Heisei Ten Sai Baka Bon Minna De Famiri-Restutoranni-Kun
    Huckle and Lowly's Busiest Day Ever

    K​ (top)

    Kikansha Thomas Ni Notte

    L​ (top)

    Lion King Adventure at Pride Rock

    M​ (top)

    Mickey's Blast Into the Past
    Micky's Lustiges Abenteurer
    Muppets On the Go!
    Musical Zoo

    N​ (top)

    Nippon Mukasi Banasi

    P​ (top)

    Pepe's Puzzles
    Pico (Storyware) Sampler
    Pico Baseball
    Pico Soccer Mezase Soccer Senshu

    S​ (top)

    Snoopy no Gakugeikai
    Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld

    T​ (top)

    Tails and the Music Maker

    Y​ (top)

    Year at Pooh Corner

    0​ (top)

    101 Dalmatians
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