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RC Stunt Copter

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  • RC Stunt Copter
    Platform: PlayStation
    Release Date: October 1999
    Developer: Shiny Entertainment - Big Grub

    RC Stunt Copter is a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment with Big Grub and published by Titus for the Sony PlayStation.

    Known Builds​ (top)

    RC Stunt Copter Builds
    RC Stunt CopterJanuary 8, 1999Release

    Jan 8 1999 Build Information​ (top)

    This build was located by Spaceman, after viewing an interesting post to the r/PSX subreddit. A Reddit user by the name LC-DDM had a burned disc of this game from his older brother, that didn't quite match up to the retail version and asked if there was any interest or pointers into dumping and preserving properly (provided this WAS different than retail). After some conversation, LC-DDM managed to provide a full dump which was released on the Internet Archive, as well as posted to Obscure Gamers by Spaceman.

    This build is dated months before final, includes debugging functions, and a few differences.

    Jan 8 1999 Build Differences​ (top)

    • EXE dated Jan 8th, main data file dated Feb 24th.
    • PAL build.
    • Options menu is a non-functional menu with no included strings.
    • Levels have no music.
    • Plugging in a second controller allows use of Debug mode functionality.
    • Debug functionality includes a working Sound Test, among other features.

    Build Footage​ (top)


    Build Pictures​ (top)

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