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Registration changes

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Recently we banned a user for trolling and being racist/breaking site rules, sadly they got butthurt and decided to pay Russian human spammers to target the site. We had to disable registration as I was too busy to fully fix the issue until now. The user was using a ton of Russian ISP's meaning banning the IP ranges wasn't helping and we were banning around 6 ranges a day from multiple Russian ISP's. The most annoying part to this was them sending porn spam via PM, meaning we couldn't...

Minor (fixed) security issue

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It was brought to our attention by @SmilingMango that EXIF info wasn't being stripped as we assumed it was by Xenforo. For people that leave GPS enabled, this could be a major issue i.e it exposes your location/address. For this reason we've stripped EXIF from all 15657 images containing info. We've added a tool that can auto strip EXIF from new JPG/JPEG uploads but it doesn't work on PNG from what we can see, this means future JPG/JPEG will be stripped if you have EXIF...
No posting of recent CDPR/EA leaks.

No posting of recent CDPR/EA leaks.

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As you may be aware, CDPR & EA have recently been compromised. As with past illegal thefts of data we have a zero policy of sharing the content. Linking of any stolen data including screenshots will result in removal of the offending posts, this will result in a permanent ban from the site. Talk is fine as long as rule 1 is met. Our goal is to work with game developers, to preserve history. Leaks like this are damaging for both the companies and the countless...

What changes would you like to see on OG?

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As you know, it's been a bumpy few months. I left, Morphic took over, He left due to same reasons I did.. I got forced back as nobody else on staff could take over. While I no longer have an interest in prototypes or it's community I will remain about for general gaming stuff. With that in mind, What changes would you like on site? I fixed the theme that had some overlooked bugs that broke menus. I've made some minor tweaks to fonts/made them bolder etc. I've done a few minor tweaks in...
Agent 9's Lab - Discord Invite + Information Thread

Agent 9's Lab - Discord Invite + Information Thread

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spyro Research section of ObscureGamers, brought to you by Agent 9's Lab. This is a community for a research project of the Spyro the Dragon trilogy on PS1. @RZXspyro is the owner, while I am the co-owner. We research the development of the games and how they have evolved over time. With this in mind we research using any sources necessary. We are on the lookout for any prototypes, press kits, unreleased/obscure demo builds and...

Reminder: This isn't a ROM/Piracy site!

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We've spotted a few people requesting rom/downloads's for retail systems, we'd just like to remind without telling anybody off that we do not support/allow retail data to be posted. If you own retail stuff and wish to sell your original copy this is fine clearly, but not copies. We have to respect companies and their rights, more so with our goals to become a registered preservation group. I'm not mentioning any names as stated, just a kind a kind reminder for those who don't understand...

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