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Preservation News

X360 Cancelled "Hero" game by Splash Damage

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Here's a (relatively) short video of the cancelled game "Hero", by Splash Damage. I can't find any traces of this game on the internet, but it is very interesting. It is multiplayer only so there is not really much to it.

The Strong Museum Partners with Kongregate to Preserve History of Adobe Flash Player Video Games

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ROCHESTER, NY—The Strong museum, home to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games and World Video Game Hall of Fame, has partnered with Kongregate, one of the leading publishers and portals for Adobe Flash Player (a multimedia software platform) games, to preserve Flash gaming history. Support for the Flash plugin will end in 2020, meaning that many of these games risk... Click to expand...

Sega Multimedia Studio Sega CD Demo

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Together with the fine folks of TCRF, we would like to announce Sonic Month 2019! We were able to obtain several new prototypes for Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD and Game Gear/Master System Sonic titles. These come from multiple sources, but we decided to have some fun and released them all in one month. They are going to fill some gaps in our collection of Sonic prototypes, as well as answer some very long-standing questions. And who knows, maybe ask more questions of their own October...
Mr Tuff (Dec 5, 1994 prototype) + Some News

Mr Tuff (Dec 5, 1994 prototype) + Some News

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Mr Tuff (Dec 5, 1994 prototype) + Some News Hey everyone, we have a new release for you all. We have a new dump of an unreleased game called Mr. Tuff for the SNES. This was released eons a go by some scene group (probably ANTHROX), but the ROM was hacked. We found an original copy on some loose EPROMs that we've dumped and made available for you all. This is actually a pretty fun game, so enjoy! Also, HPZ...​

PSP Sonic: The Shadow World : The 2005 PSP Pitch

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Sonic: The Shadow World would have seen Sonic traveling into Shadow's world, in a platformer that would have been much darker in tone than that of most Sonic games.
Game Saves: Talking with Rob Pardo

Game Saves: Talking with Rob Pardo

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Pardo, former Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard and founder of Bonfire Studios and talk a little bit about his experiences in the industry, all while being destroyed at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by his son. In addition to his work at Blizzard, Rob worked QA at Interplay, so it was interesting to hear about his experiences there. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk a little bit about Warcraft Adventures and Starcraft: Ghost, so be sure to...

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