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Various XeBuild folder collection for xbox 360 devkits


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Jan 20, 2019
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Jul 10, 2018
So i decided to put everything I and others made in one place and release it as whole package

JustAnyones XeBuild for devkit collection

Infos on folders:
17150 retailxex xdk xebuild - this thing adds retail xex patch from 21256.12 shadowboot which allows to use retail discs and (i think?) load retail executables with no patching in xextool
also from my testing it properly works ONLY IF you provide nanddump.bin instead of SMC;KV;SMC_CONFIG (related no dae.bin and crl.bin and I have no idea how to make xebuild use separate files, so just use nanddump.bin)
also idfk why but XGD3 disc (Crysis 3 here) refuses to load and instead lights up bottom right ROL corner in red
oh and sometimes it hangs on boot and throws E79 error in kdnet (xam.xex missing) idk why either, rebuilding image helps, just use disc rec to revive the kit

17489 xdk xebuild - builds normal 17489 XDK image you would get by using 21256.18 recovery

17559 rgl xdk - builds nand version RGLoader with best properly working patches anyone can possibly get atm. must have hdd plugged in with rgloader.ini otherwise you will get stuck on bootanim (one nop is enough to skip that though; ed 81823310 60000000 in kdnet)
also including system auxilliary/extended files here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/606550060284510218/784823065804537936/17559_sysauxext.7z

devgl - Freeboot on devkit. Basically same thing you have on RGH console, but boots as fast as a retail console (stealth servers dont work though). ALSO YOU MUST USE TYPE2 KV FROM WHATEVER MODEL SYSTEM YOU GOT OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET ERROR 52 (aka if you have jasper xdk, you must use retail jasper kv)

.bat file usage:
devbuilder.bat - make xdk image from scratch, will need cpukey.txt and nanddump.bin or kv (must be dev type 1); smc and smc config in folder called "xdk"
recovery.bat (only included with 17489) - make zeropaired image for bricked xdk recovery or DVD pairing (will need donor kv, smc and smc config) (warning: idk if its just my kit, but by doing that i fucked up game playback off dvd. works fine on freeboot though)(update on dvd thing: use nanddump.bin instead of loose files if you want dvd game playback, or just run a remote recovery afterwards and that will be unfucked)
17489 xebuild was tested with 1GB xna jasper devkit, regular jasper devkit, and zephyr devkit, theoretically should work with any other, but and i am not responsible for any bricks
all others were tested on 1GB xna jasper devkit

credits to:
Pro-Moddz (Jimmy Brown)#9646 - initially made 17559 Rgloader nand version for devkits which lead me on the way in making 17489 XDK XeBuild; answered some kinda dumb questions I had
NBOTT42#6978 - taught me how shadowboots work and much more
Agent Texas - Testing 17489 and 17559 rgl xebuild on their regular Jasper XDK
Octal450#0001 - testing 17489 xebuild on Zephyr XDK
Mena#0001/Helix#????/Bluesn00w - For making and releasing Devgl, helping me build first working image and such
fate6#8418 - sharing retailxex shadowboot and always telling how good it is (its not :)) )
Kitty#5243 - sharing 17559 RGLoader shadowboot which isnt poorly made

older post text
Yesterday was messing with xebuild and managed to make a prebuilt version, which can generate regular or zeropaired 17489 kernel version images and decided to release my "work".
Regular image is just.. regular image? Same thing you would get when installing 17489 remote/disc recovery so practically useless.
Zeropaired image can be potentially useful to revive semi-bricked units (which have corrupted nand, etc and no regular backups were made but still turn on) If you have donor keyvault, smc and smc config. You just build a image, flash it on your kit, then insert disc recovery and it will do all the work and your kit will no longer be bricked. It also re-pairs your dvd key to keyvault (even if dvd key is unknown!!) so theoretically you can use any dvd to pair to the motherboard.
I only tested this with Jasper xna development kit, but it should work with other jaspers too.

USAGE: just read the readme.txt in archive

grab: https://mega.nz/file/61UlxK7Y#U4mp6jZqnNFvv_cmiM_KW9eBTT7m3E90cSrx84cEgfI
new link:

thanks to Pro-moddz for sending me unfinished xdk rgloader xebuild, I used that as reference.
By the way, If anyone needs donor xna dev kv, smc and smc config, feel free to dm me.

UPDATE: Octal450 tried this with a Zephyr devkit, recovery feature refused to work, however nand building with cpukey worked.
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