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Various Medusa Dip Switch Settings.


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The First 8 Digits are for Region and Location(Usually English, Spanish, and French), the last 2 digits are for demo time (05, 10, 15 minute intervals)
April 18, 2007


August 28, 2006


June 28, 2006


Region Retailer Code

North America DEFAULT (English) 01000000
North America DEFAULT (Spanish) 01000001
North America No MU 01000010
North America BestBuy 01001000
North America BestBuy Spanish 01001001
North America Wal-Mart 01001011
North America Wal-Mart Spanish 01001100
North America Gamestop (EB) 01001110
North America Gamestop (EB) Spanish 01001111
North America Game Crazy 01011110
North America Circuit City 01010001
North America Circuit City Spanish 01010010
North America Target 01010100
North America Target Spanish 01010101
North America Toys R Us 01010111
North America Toys R Us Spanish 01011000
North America Comp USA 01011010
North America Comp USA Spanish 01011011
The Experience Disc 1.5v3 Extra Info

Guide to Activities:

GameCrazy - In addition to those listed above

  • Confirm new DIP switch settings are set.
  • The new setting is: 01011110 – 00 (Last two switches are in “OFF” position)
  • Note that current 1.5v3 Experience Disc does NOT contain any retailer specific logos or content. Future versions will be customized for GameCrazy.
Guide to Activities:

Target - In addition to those listed above

  • 4ft Section Audit – Low Bay sections count in the audit!
  • Stores begin moving Custom Xbox 360 Interactives from the endcap to an inline position late in the month of June. Call Report will ask if the Xbox 360 Interactive is located on the endcap (either Standard or Custom) or inline.
Guide to Activities:

Wal-Mart - In addition to those listed above

  • Experience Disc 1.5v3
  • Monitor Façade: MLB 2K6 (Maintain in stores that have not yet completed the game case resets.)
  • RSP Training on WM XBOX 360 '3 Easy Steps' Sell Sheet: Xbox Live (R 648 Kits include Xbox 360/Live key chains as rewards for participation in the training.)
  • Audit DEL Endcap (select stores). Report on any damage. ENSURE THERE ARE NO iPODS PLACED IN THE DISPLAY CASE.
Guide to Activities:

EB / GameStop - In addition to those listed above

  • Maintain PDZ Interactive Poster (098-104141) on Xbox 360 Deluxe Interactive Kiosks
  • OK for GameStop content on EB Interactives due to Xbox 360 Experience Disc 1.5v3
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