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User's Created Submission Rules


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May 31, 2019
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Mar 4, 2014
Welcome to the much demanded User's Created Videogame art section!
*What is this section about?
This is the place for all of you creative users out there to post your works or love and art!

*What can be actually posted here?
You can post here your drawings, sketches, music remixes, covers, tattoos, poetry...

*What are the rules?
Things are simple, one thread per user and use tags to help other users find out things of interests. And only exclusively post YOUR OWN WORKS!

Yup, when you create your thread use in the thread name tags like [MUSIC][SKETCHES][PAINTING]... and then a specific title if you feel it's needed (i.e. Final Fantasy pencil works). And use the tags in the correct row when creating the thread too if you feel like that!

*What can i post?

Again post your own works. If you feel or think that some of your works may be sensitive, be offensive, or NSFW for any reason, ask a mod before posting. If the work is NSFW use

*Can i create more than one thread?
In order to keep everything clean and easy to navigate, no. Keep it to one thread, people will find your works anyway!

*Last Important notice!*
Let us know if you want your art to be shared in Obscuregamer's Frontpage, Facebook and Twitter accounts! We might be running a "Art of the Month" contest or similar things so please let us know!


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