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SNES supercic confusion


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Sep 5, 2019
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29 August 2015
I have a pal 1chip console that is modded with a supercic board. I bought it (already modded) from a friend some years ago. On my friend's house, I had a small presentation on the region options with the reset button. We used his pal super mario world cart for this. It run smoothly on all options.

All this time, I have been using exclusively my sd2snes on this console. Keep in mind, that the led on the console was red.

Some time ago, I wanted to check some of my pal cartridges in order to check if they needed new batteries. Doney kong country, super mario world 2 and (maybe) secret of mana displayed the 'this gamepack is not designed for you sfc/snes' . I used some button combination that I can't remember to get past this.

Now, I discovered that my sd2snes won't display an image on the red led. Yellow and green is fine though.
My genuine pal carts won't get past the "this gamepack" screen. As well won't display an image on the red led either. Only yellow or green.

Using my ossc, I discovered something weird. On the red led, the console outputs a signal at 11 something khz at a weird resolution that keeps switching rather fast. Yellow has a stable 60 khz

Is there a button confing to return at the state where the console was when I bought it and boot all carts without the ' this gamepack' screen?

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