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Site Rules ~ Updated January 5, 2021

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As always, our aim is to be as free as possible, but to ensure smooth sailing and comfort for all of our users and staff, we ask you to stick to the following rules. If you are unclear about any of the rules, please contact a member of staff for clarification.

(A) - General Site Rules

  1. Posts must be written in English.
  2. We ask that members keep drama away from the forums.
  3. No duplicate accounts.
  4. Swearing / cursing is allowed, but do not be excessive. Do not swear at other members or staff.
  5. Staff reserve the right to modify or remove posts, without reason, at any time.
  6. Always be respectful to staff and other users.
  7. No pornographic, sexual content or gore. This will result in a permanent ban.
  8. No racism, homophobia or sexism. This will also result in a permanent ban.
  9. Any items for sale must be legally and ethically obtained.
  10. Do not post any pirated content of any kind, this includes retail roms.
  11. All builds must be legally obtained.
  12. All Rockstar Games/Take-Two owned content is strictly forbidden. (Includes Codemasters from Jan 2021)
  13. All Activision games for PS3/XBOX 360 are banned from being shared here as of January 2020.
  14. Please keep trolling, memes and other unrelated content to the off-topic sections of the site. Standard site rules still apply.
  15. When sharing a file, please ensure the details are as complete as possible (build date, system etc...).
  16. Current gen talk is fine, however no linking to copyrighted current gen data.
  17. Do not discuss other preservation websites in a negative light. Users come here for preservation purposes, not for flaming and vulgarity.
  18. While you are allowed to link to your personal YouTube channel or blog, we ask that you refrain from excessive advertising.
  19. Do not ask for VIP status. These will be chosen by staff. If you ask for it, you will recieve a warning on your account.
  20. Proven scammers will not be permitted to remain on site/Discord. Trying to bypass this will result in us reporting your information directly to law enforcement
  21. Attempts to steal/dox information from users/developers will result in an instant ban. No ifs, no buts. Along with this we will contact law enforcement.
  22. The sale/trade of "builds"/data/source code is no longer allowed on site or via Discord. In 90% of cases the data leaks so just post it or keep it private
  23. Joining OG with a disposable email will result in the account being banned, you'll have 24 hours to give us a real valid email or face being banned fully.
  24. Source code "leaks" are no longer permitted to be posted on OG. The only exclusion to this is source code released by the original developers. (I.e Doom 3 is fine) Linking to news is fine but no download links.
  25. When posting in the file dump section, please be sure to specify which system the build is for.
(B) - Marketplace Rules
  1. Make sure you've posted an intro and something not in the market first. (Just so we know who you are.)
  2. Any and all items listed for sale MUST be legally obtained. This is the most important rule and failure to follow this will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Whilst we understand many devkits may contain unreleased or 'rare' data, we ask that any personal information (eg, logins, addresses) are removed before sale.
  4. Be as descriptive as you can. Include pictures where possible, and clearly list any damage or defects with the product.
  5. Please include a piece of paper with your username and "Obscure Gamers" written on it in at least one of the pictures, pictures must be uploaded to our server. Third party image hosting isn't allowed as of 26/08/2019.
  6. If a product is faulty or defective in any way, this must be included in the product description.
  7. Make sure you state whether or not you are willing to ship overseas, and include shipping costs for overseas buyers.
  8. Please be sure to include in your listing whether or not any files you are selling are publically available or not.
  9. Once you have sold your item you will agree to not share/resell the content sold if backed up.
  10. Do not post duplicate listings. They will be removed immediately.
  11. While it's allowed to occasionally 'bump' your threads, we ask that to reduce spam, you do not do this too often.
  12. Staff reserve the right to remove any listing we feel necessary, without reason.
  13. All transactions must be taken place on site Either via PM/Conversation or in the sale thread . Deals taken off site can lead to scams, payments via gift cards/codes is risky. Use Paypal Goods & Services. Gift payments can lead to scams.
  14. Prices must remain listed even once an item has sold, this helps us build a picture of future items values.
  15. Although the marketplace primarily focusses on obscure and unusual products, retail items are permitted.
  16. Items for sale should be titled "For Sale:" before your items title, and titled "SOLD:" Once the item is sold.
  17. ObscureGamers.com (Or its Staff) is not liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage) from the use of the marketplace
(C) - Discord Rules
  1. Be respectful to other users and to the staff.
  2. No harassment.
  3. NSFW, gore and other disturbing content is not allowed.
  4. No sharing of private information such as names and addresses.
  5. Only people wih the contributor roles can have access to the Dev-Zone channels.
  6. Contributors are poeple who are well known and have helped the community for a long time.
  7. You can request the contributor role if you think you deserve it. The decision is up to the staff.
  8. Anything you uploaded yourself/made yourself belongs in #self-promotion - even if you're not out to get internet clout.
  9. Download links for games, prototypes, demos, etc. must only be posted in the #file-dump-discussion channel, accessible to contributors.
  10. #file-dump-discussion is for links only with an explanation of the link's contents. Discussions about files must only take place in #development_talk
  11. While some fun is allowed, please keep memes in the Meme Zone.
  12. People intentionally spamming memes in other channels will be confined in the Meme Zone.
  13. Discord #General will now be verified users only. Due to abuse we're forced to remove the means to chat without being verified. You can be verified by joining OG and posting your OG forum username in chat. Do not post other users names and do not post fake names as you'll be kicked/banned.
  14. When posting in the #file-dump section, please be sure to specify which system the build is for.

(D) - Fundraiser Rules

Unless posted by a staff member obscuregamers.com does not endorse ANY fundraiser.
  1. Items must already be owned on original hardware/disc/storage medium and legally acquired.
  2. Users must verify any and all claims before donating.
  3. State how much you want to raise & in what currency.
  4. The timescale (When does the fundraiser end).
  5. A clear indication on who or what you are fundraising for.
  6. If money is raised for a specific purpose, it has to be used for that purpose.
  7. You must make sure that your contact information is easy to find (either external social media accounts or an email address).
  8. You must take reasonable measures to avoid fraudulent activity.
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