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Request SimCopter beta (ZEUS, October 1996)


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Jul 4, 2020
Released: 1996-10-08.

zeus1.nfo (October 1996).

The Ware Report (October 1996) reports the file size as 46 MB.

Composed of "COPTER01.ZIP" – "COPTER20.ZIP". These unzip to become "copter.001", "copter.002", and so on--these resulting files are ARJ file format. Once unarchived, the game is run with "copter_d.exe". Sources below:

Harlock, via alt.warez.ibm-pc.games (February 1997) says:
This version of SimCopter is a pre-release version. There is tons of
debugging code & files, Bugs, glitches, ommissions. I even found a
part where it said something like 'Got to add this later'.

Look in the TWEAK directory. Theres a clever cheating (testing)
Chris, via alt.warez.ibm-pc.games (February 1997) says:
No you stupids, of course there is not an exe file.
The files copter.001 and copter.002 etc., are arj files
You have to unarj them and then you will find the the exe and install files.
Tell me if the game works when you find out.
That is how you install it

After you unzip them, you are left with .arj files. After a got finished with those, the game does not
have an install program. You just run the copter_d.exe.
SCiZE's warez list (October 1996) starts by printing:

COPTER01.ZIP   1434463  10-08-96          SimCopter (c) Maxis [01/20]
  _________ _________ __\    _/_________
  ____\____   /   _     /    \    \   _____/___
  \     _____/_   /____/.    |\   _\____      /
   \_____      \____    |________/     ______/
  -/*\- LiGHTNiNG COURiERiNG -/*\-
It lists files "COPTER01.ZIP" – "COPTER20.ZIP".
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