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Sellers/users to avoid when buying online

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This is a list of users who are known to be problem makers and have scammed/deceived users in the past.

  1. JetMagnum/Ace Magnum/Blackheart: Scammed multiple users/steals from people and charges back and keeps stuff after getting his money back.
  2. SpongeonFire/Devkitman/Devkitguy/CyberDiscounts and many more accounts: Breached agreements/sold damaged hardware/sent wrong hardware/not sent hardware/violated agreements costing users money. Also known for ignoring messages then disputing claiming it's your fault. Also has blocked users for no reason. Sadly the main source on ps3 kits but not to be trusted, if he promises you something unique he's already sold it to others 100%.
  3. GManWillis/GMan/God/Captain Shepard/Walter White/Mr. Lambert/Many more: Multiple scams involving betas, blackmail, skiddy shit with trying to DDoS sites and all out parasite.
  4. Dizzzy/nostradamus_07/user7/nostradamus_games: Fake betas/repros sold as original/leaking betas after you cannot dispute etc. All round shadyness.
  5. Hopefullyidontgetbanned/hopefullyidont1: Blackmailing/threats/doxing/hacking users and sites/destroying history.
  6. TGEJesse / Jesse Pinkman: Known scammer.
  7. alcotron: not a scammer, but does remove the manuals from games then proceed's to sell game and manual seperately.
  8. kennydebi: Destroying HDD contents and installing public betas and retail builds for a profit.
  9. JonFrenchtoast/Jon: Sexually harassing minors, banned from Discord/etc. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. (Teams up with Hopefullyidontgetbanned often.)
  10. DEV-MOD/ALIAXS70, Fake N64 "proto carts", Debug carts flashed with retail roms, Adds stickers to crap to make it seem more valuable.
  11. FF3FF#9387 (Discord ID) takes money for goods then refuses to send item/refund.
  12. Mecas#5698 / Cheng#9655 / xSlayder2021 (Discord ID) general scams.
Avoid the following Yahoo Auctions sellers. They have all been caught selling fake Nintendo prototypes. (Thank you @togemet2 !)
  1. second_972650570
  2. s_e_max expert55youko
  3. x68000red
  4. naopoenyan
  5. riromugi_codbo_66
  6. kinokosimeji7
  7. nbqnr812
  8. duckoo2017
  9. tano9876 (formerly known as umatanirui)
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