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Sega Multimedia Studio Sega CD Demo

Together with the fine folks of TCRF, we would like to announce Sonic Month 2019!

We were able to obtain several new prototypes for Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD and Game Gear/Master System Sonic titles. These come from multiple sources, but we decided to have some fun and released them all in one month.

They are going to fill some gaps in our collection of Sonic prototypes, as well as answer some very long-standing questions. And who knows, maybe ask more questions of their own

October 25

A small Sega CD surprise for TCRF’s birthday!


Every day listed below, at 2PM Pacific time (9PM GMT), we will have a live stream of one or more prototypes. After each stream, we will release the ROMs.

October 26
November 2
November 9
November 10
November 16
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