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[Request] Help setting up a PS2 development environment.

Neo-Eyes Gameboy-Geek

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Oct 9, 2019
Hi, thanks for checking and sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum.
So I was looking into having a crack at PS2 development, mostly just for the giggles and challenge. So I was looking around old assembler games stuff and most all of the stuff there is basically saying to use a veritibly ancient version of CodeWarrior that got leaked and subsequently cracked , or ProDG which has its own issues, and neither of these options are appealing to me if I don't need to use them.
So I was wondering if anyone could offer any help on how to set up the PS2 SDK to work with something like say programmers notepad since from what I understand the SDK disc comes with the compilers needed as well as the libraries but it's just a matter of setup which I'm not entirely sure on, should probably clarify I am running this all through windows 7 or xp (haven't quite decided yet since I was thinking about asking here which is best windows to run it on before dedicating time and money to something) and not necessarily with the need for all the TOOL debugging and communication stuff since I don't have one at the moment , nor the money to acquire one , if that can be integrated with the sorta software I'm talking about all the better but I'm primarily worried about just making code that compiles that I can play in an emulator using these tools.
Thankyou kindly in advance for any help offered.


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Nov 14, 2020
This is how I'm using the PS2SDK these days...

You could try a really simple Ubuntu/Debian/etc VM - I'm usually using Debian or Kali myself.
I've done a few more things with this...

1) Make a Dockerfile like this.
FROM ps2dev/ps2dev:latest
RUN apk update
RUN apk add git nano make
2) Run this cmd:
sudo docker build -t ps2sdk_nano_git_make ./

3) make a shell script to run the container like this. I call this ps2docker.sh
sudo docker container run -w /homebrew -v PS2SDK:/homebrew -ti ps2sdk_nano_git_make /bin/sh
Get your latest container id with the following command. Store it in co.sh and ci.sh
sudo docker ps -alq>co.sh
cp co.sh ci.sh

We will use this to create scripts to copy in/out of container.

ci.sh: (Instead of 85c9e707f00a use your container id)
sudo docker cp ./$1 85c9e707f00a:/homebrew

co.sh: (instead of 'kali' use your username)
sudo docker cp 85c9e707f00a:/homebrew/$1 .
sudo chown kali -hR ./$1

these are the scripts I use to 'copy out/in' of the container. It expects a folder name as a parameter.
Now, using these scripts copy your c.nanorc file from /usr/share/nano/ (outside of docker) to into the /homebrew/ folder inside the container

Then make a script like this (inside the container) to enable C Syntax Highlighting in nano.

I call this s.sh and i just run it whenever i start the docker.

cp /homebrew/c.nanorc /usr/share/nano/
echo "include /usr/share/nano/c.nanorc">~/.nanorc
echo "* C Syntax Highlighting enabled for nano"

Another handy script I just wrote. Used in conjunction with ci.sh / co.sh from above.

Expects a folder name as a parameter.

#Uncomment to copy into the container first
./ci.sh $1
echo -e "* Source copied to container"
echo -e "* Compile started..."
sudo docker container run -w /homebrew -v PS2SDK:/homebrew -ti ps2sdk_nano_git_make make -B -C /homebrew/$1
./co.sh $1
echo -e "* Build Complete. src folder+binaries copied to $PWD/$1"

Related: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/how-to-develop-ps2-homebrew-using-docker-containers.29907/
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