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X360 [Release] 17559 HvP.xex (Allow's Debug builds to run on JTAG / RGH without RGL or XDK)

Xx jAmes t xX

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Feb 25, 2020
Yeah, i went suprised after i originally posted testing HvP with Battlefront 3, tutorial videos popped up on Youtube

Like i said on the original 2021 post, the plugin works considering you follow the tips ChromeX said, of avoiding the OG Xbox function to generate conflicts. but as expected, HvP works for most builds, but it won't work with the more specific ones, like more niche games, including the Assault Horizon build i decided to test

The negative point of the current situation, is that originally ChromeX and James were open to give support to incompatible games to work with HvP, but last time Chrome has been seen was like, 2020, and i can't access James userpage(i guess is more fault of Obscure's cache issues), so it's safe to assume that HvP turned out into an "abanddonware" even if 2 years old, not sure how the plugin scenario is active for Xbox 360, but one possible solution, would be someone developing their own spiritual successor of the plugin, however that would require legit interest of the user to spend hours into programming it, and seen if the effort would worth is, as yeah, most would say it would be "less of a headache" to get a Dev Kit or a Xbox 360 compatible with RGLoader

Well, i wish luck if we may get some news at the future related to Dev Builds on retail consoles, as most say, time is a virtue
Sorry I completely forgot that this plugin even existed, I never uploaded a source when it was released because it was messy.
Here is the source code: https://mega.nz/file/alkEzJTb#ux7rZdg3lkpjWYmVWSSAc5spGpX_QTCDpTCPE3CFC4U

I can't remember exactly what I'm doing in the hypervisor but I think I'm checking if it failed a import resolve to just make it a nop instead of failing the module load.
And the reason I had to use the name "hvp" is so I can replace the module in the kernel to resolve our import table instead of a failed one that doesn't exist and it needed to be small.

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