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OG is seeking funding to renew our museum for another year!

Obscure Gamers is once again looking to secure funding to continue our operations for another year, and to secure some more goodies for the community to research.

The total costs to renew OG's Museum status for another year will be £141.56 (including VAT).

We also have been offered two Heavy Rain discs much cheaper than they're listed for online the total cost to secure these is €300 + shipping costs. The seller already has to mail us stuff so they offered us them directly.

For the Silent Hill fans, We have a faulty xbox developer kit to save from e-waste containing early alpha builds of Silent Hill: Downpour dated March 2011, the game released February 2012. The unit will cost us another €300 from another private collector. The unit has confirmed data from March 2011 to roughly November 2011 (if I read the dates right).

There's also an unknown Batman XBOX 360 disc included if we can secure this all.

The total also has 5% extra due to paypal fee's/one time fee's.

Total for all discs/kits: £540.64 converting euros to GBP at Todays exchange rates. (1 GBP = 1.16528 EUR + £141.56 to renew the museum side = £682.20 (I forgot to include the company part my bad)

Donations can be sent via our donations system: https://www.obscuregamers.com/donations/donate or via Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/obscuregamers we don't really use patreon now but still use the remaining donations there to cover our new 2022 redesign and small license fees, the new theme preview will be coming soon. :censored:

Obscure Gamers work is community funded and without your generous support we couldn't save what we bring you. A thank you goes to all that have supported us.

Couple bonus pics, The HDD isn't dumped at this stage and would be imaged before shipping to prevent data loss.

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What benefits will renewing OG's museum status provide?
Continued use of our business bank account, business paypal for donations, business address and being able to raise funds easier than as a normal person.

This will be required to launch our merch once the new 2022 design is launched and our new blog (once ready) for just museum side stuff.

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