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Ok, so as some of you may know a few minutes ago the OG discord server disappeared

Shortly after we found out that the server had been reported for "selling or distributing cheats, hacks or cracked accounts" , This is of course totally false

Bear with us whilst we figure something out

EDIT Note by Damien:
I won't be joining the new server at this time. If you see anybody named Damien/WD in server please report to the Discord staff team asap.

We've filed appeals with Discord, If you could be kind enough to RT/reply to MSX's tweet here for exposure it would be highly appreciated as their claims are false.
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Discussion regarding source code earlier today might have triggered it. Fits the report. There was also modchip discussion but WD didn't participate so that's less likely.
nah fam you did

buying too many xdks
Man, I just got on my computer, and was checking, and didn't see OG, and thought I too got banned @Jordan.
Man, discord llc is ran by idiots. They will literally ban servers, or people without actually investigating, and not even bother to just speak to the individual first... But, will automatically ban, if 'reported' so many times. Or, something is triggered by a user within the server, and boom it's gone.
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They rarely ban anyone for anything. I'm in a server that was raided by a guy who had an army of thousands of bot accounts that kept joining and spamming, no one could type at all. Discord did absolutely nothing about it. Like I'm talking hundreds of thousands of accounts made specifically to flood our server.
Was there anything on the server that isn't on the forums? If not then I don't see why a fresh start is a bad idea.
Verifying accounts and years of discussion. Would for real be a shame if it got lost. You could search rare shit and find information not on forum.
Ok discord. Ban us, but all those steam phishing accounts I deal with daily on another server I mod is just fine.
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The server icon would've disappeared either way. I wouldn't have known which one it was. I'm just saying that me being banned would've been better than this mess. Someone thought that WD got banned and since he was owner, the server disappeared. Is that how Discord even works?
This is correct, someones reported my account for stuff I don't even condone. People can actively see I'm against skids/hacking.

This is what Discord emailed, as you know, I'm against "hacking" I have not sold / promoted "cheats" "hacks" or "cracked accounts".
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