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Obscure Gamers Forum Rules

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Jan 23, 2020
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  1. Obscure Gamers staff reserve the right to take action on any content or members that they see fit without notice.
  2. Be excellent to each other. Don’t harass, annoy, or spam on the forums for any reason. Targeting any specific ethnicity, gender, or religious group will result in an immediate ban.
  3. No NSFW content is allowed. Be mindful of content that can “trigger” people as well.
  4. “Doxing”, sharing of any personal information, and sharing contents of PMs is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not bring off site or personal drama to Obscure Gamers.
  6. Keep discussion in the applicable sections on the site.
  7. Direct links to development games/software being hosted on Mega, Google Drive, Mediafire, and the like, is not allowed. Any links posted will be removed and the user warned or banned.
  8. Linking to the following resources, and ones like these, are allowed: The Hidden Palace, Forest of Illusion, The Internet Archive, Sega Dreamcast Info.
  9. Discussion of any illegal activity regarding development software is strictly prohibited.
  10. 15 posts are required to access the Obscure Gamers marketplace. Complaints regarding this will result in staff action. Obvious spam posting to meet this requirement will result in the same.
  11. Public requests/complaints for account deletion will result in a ban, and the banning of any subsequent duplicate accounts. You get one account. If you want out, that’s it.
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